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The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist.
— Ananda Coomaraswamy

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I'm an artist and online teacher who wholeheartedly believes that nurturing our inner creative is tremendously healing and life-giving and helps to 'give voice' to our inner whispers and needs. So, let me help you slow down, reclaim your identity, embrace play through art and find an inner contentment and joy in a busy world. When you subscribe to my soulful Heart Letters, you'll also receive 20% off my online classes, a free Inspiration Library containing some free art classes, prints, creative resources + more...


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I want to share the light and dark stuff of life,  lessons I'm learning, artist 'confessions', what's inspiring me and of course, updating you on my art and living a creative life as well as sharing resources and content that is useful. I'm hoping, you'll see a lot of you reflected back in my Letters. You will also receive 20% off both my online classes.

Free Project from Fragments of Joy Online Class

Enjoy watching this complete project from my online class Fragment of Joy.  A playful look at collage and still life with hand-painted flowers. 

Online Art Courses

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Portrait Painting 2019 - The Art Of Contentment

A Year Of Painting Portraits (2019) With A Gentle Focus On Slow Living (with 12 guests)

Each month you can look forward to a portrait painting and hear from one of my special guests with their thoughts on contentment and what that means for them.

This class will go live on 1st January 2019.

Price: £150 (USD approx. $192)

A Painterly Jaunt Into Picasso's 'Rose Period'

Are you curious about Picasso’s earlier work? Me too! I’ve had such fun creating this online class inspired by Picasso’s Rose Period (just after his blue period) from 1904-1905.


Portraits In Time

Do you adore portraiture and all things vintage?  In this class, you'll be creating three portraits, pretty and expressive 'tea bag' portraits, together with a (bonus) mixed media piece.  Not too sure how to use charcoal, soft pastel or watercolour - no problem,  I also share hints and tips for each + more...


Fragments Of Joy

This class is all about letting go using collage.  Enjoy the feeling of spontaneity as you create collages using 'fragments of joy' ie. scraps of paper, fabric, lace etc.  Make a 'memory or story' photo collage in a re-purposed book and then be filled with delight as you piece together a floral still life.  Watch your artwork transform with the addition of atmospheric transparent layers.  Embrace play - make art that doesn't have to 'make sense' but instead makes you feel joyful!


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Whether you want to treat yourself or a loved one with the gift of art, I've plenty of variety for you from £2.50+.  There's Creativity Kits, Online Classes, original paintings, watercolours, prints, blank greeting cards and Digital Gift Cards.  Or, why not commission me?

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My Blog - The Art Of Life

I share recent artwork, muses on a 'simpler' life and how to bring regular creativity into your life for reducing stress, self-expression and of course, for the pure fun and joy of it!