Hi, I’m Jane Hinchliffe

I’m a Squarespace Web Designer and I set-up/launch Ecourses for Creative Entrepreneurs by listening well and seeing the big picture because I believe the world needs business owners that can help support their families whilst also inspiring, informing and empowering the world.

I’m also an Online Art Teacher (see classes here) and Illustrator, for businesses that seek the ‘hand-painted’ touch. :)

Heart focused, always…

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Sharing your skills, ideas and talents with the world whilst helping to support your family is a beautiful thing. I hope you recognise your light, your unique brilliance! That idea, that gift, the way you do that thing - that’s what people admire, need and will seek out and engage with. Your work and voice are needed. You can help change the world.

I also know that the ‘techy’ and design side of a business can be immensely frustrating, costly and time consuming. When I was starting out, I often felt overwhelmed (especially being a HSP highly sensitive person). Are you finding the lengthy and involved process of creating a website/ecourse/blog/online shop is eating into your time (and profit), when you should be writing/creating/producing etc?

I’ve been there and have come out the other side. I’ve made the costly mistakes (hello, Wordpress plugins, Teachable and so much more…). So if you’re feeling weary with sooooo many choices, confused with tech and distrustful of the next ‘all singing, all dancing’ solution… there’s. another. way...

Instead, let me help bring your project to life with a sense of ease, purpose and empowerment.

Today’s. The. Day.


What Do You Need?

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My heart-focused business launches beautiful Squarespace websites + impactful Ecourses for small businesses with a sprinkle here and there of bespoke hand-painted illustration that will add a touch of magic to any project…

So, if you’re a small business owner, a lifestyle business, creative entrepreneur, publisher, writer or solopreneur?

…I’d love to help you bring your vision or project to life!


Website, online shop & blog Design

ecourse set up & launch

bespoke Illustration


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You’ll find me approachable, dedicated and insightful.


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