When you make time for art & creativity, you reconnect with your deeper self & inevitably this has a positive ripple effect in other areas of your life. It’s genuinely the gift that keeps on giving…
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Hi, I’m Jane…

Twelve years ago, with young children at my feet, I felt disconnected, depressed and uninspired. I loved being a Mum but I’d lost my sense of direction, identity and purpose. I longed to feel inspired and excited about life but instead my day to day was about surviving and making it to another day.

Slowly and gently, I started to explore my inner soul whispers through the lens of my faith, together with painting, journaling and other forms of creativity.

Now, as a mid-life woman with older children, taking time out to create still captivates me and I’d love to help you find a sense of renewal & contentment with your outer life by nurturing your inner life.

How I Can Help You…

You want ways to unwind, play and destress using creativity.

You want to experience a deeper sense of self using art as a new Mum, ‘empty nester’ or mid-life woman.

You want to re-kindle that sense of creative play and freedom that you so loved as a child.

You want artful ways to ‘give thanks’ to God, (spirit, universe etc) using art and prayer.

You want to develop your artistic skills and your creative expression using mixed media.

You want to incorporate your love of journaling and writing into art-making.

You want to explore your personal stories and memories through art but you’re not sure how to begin.

You want to create through the lens of your faith or spirituality but feel stuck on how to get started.

You want practical steps for incorporating a regular creative practice into your life.

I Believe…


…we’re ALL creative and the process is what counts, not the end result.

…our innate creativity is a gift from God (you may use a different word ie. spirit, universe, the divine) and can be an expression of worship and gratitude in the ‘good times’ as well as a response to life’s challenges and imperfections.

…creativity helps us connect with our deeper sense of self - our soul, as well as making a tangible difference to others.

I help women honour and develop their unique creativity so as to experience more energy, ease and contentment… 


Creative Life

Favourite Memory: going on painting expeditions with my granny as a young girl

Supplies: love the freedom and spontaneity of anything water soluble

Colour: Red Cadmium Medium

Artist: Mary Cassatt

Love helping women reignite their unique creativity

Bringing my personality, heart and faith into all my creative endeavours and offerings

I love to learn, always learning…

In Short

Live in rural Yorkshire, UK. Married for 16 years with two teenagers, with my first born, Brandon living in the USA. Members of Summerbridge church.

I'm a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), number 7 on Enneagram (The Enthusiast), and an INFP (The Idealist) .

In my 20’s I was an au pair to two boys and later worked for a large law firm in the USA. I've studied foundation level psychology and counselling skills. Been a practicing and fully licensed aromatherapist, reiki healer, beauty therapist and reflexologist.

My Values







The Backstory

I still remember that morning from 12 years ago… My young boys were playing quietly nearby & I found myself drop to the floor & sob my heart out in desperation

Surprisingly and totally out of the blue, I began to pray out loud - I’d reached rock bottom and it felt the only option left.

I’d been suffering from post natal depression (for the third time) and had no idea that this heart-felt prayer would within a short period of time be answered so generously and would be the catalyst, for laying the foundations of a faith that has become central to my life. In addition, I began to unlock and re-kindle my passion for art-making and creativity that I had loved as a child and young adult - it felt like ‘coming home’. Throughout this time, I noticed (and those close to me) that I was feeling lighter, calmer and the world appeared brighter, ‘technicolour’ even, as once again I was struck by beauty.

I dabbled with all things creative such as cooking, sewing, felting, knitting and embroidery. In time, I discovered mixed media art and was immediately smitten as I embraced spontaneity, play and the freedom of expression that I hadn’t experienced fully since being a child.

Pretty soon, I was asked to take part in a local art exhibition and began selling my work locally and then online. Later, I created a website, started blogging and started to offer local painting workshops.

More recently, I’ve created online art classes and have loved the challenge of upping my skillset and finding a community of women all over the world.

Today, I still find it so helpful and powerful to leave my worries behind temporarily as I create whilst enjoying the added benefit of feeling less overwhelm and more self-compassion as I continue to process what I’ve learnt about myself and my situation long after the brushes have been put away. It’s a mystery how this gift of creativity weaves it’s magic inside of us but I’m so grateful for it and what’s even better, is that it’s available to all of us.

Looking back, I realise that these gifts have been life changing not only for me but have also proved transformative to others as I continue to develop and strengthen my skills and journey along with you…

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I believe that true identity is found in creative activity springing from within. It is found when one loses oneself.
— Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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Why Online Art Classes?

With the convenience of modern technology, learning online couldn’t be easier - all you need is a fast internet connection and a desktop, ipad/tablet or even your phone to view my videos together with a little time for self-care, play, creative exploration…

My classes and teaching will help you develop your own artistic style whether you are just beginning or a seasoned artist - you’ll feel fully guided and supported.

More than anything, creativity is also a beautiful way of helping your soul to breathe from the busyness of a full life. I’ve noticed that taking even a small amount of time during a hectic week can have monumental benefits on the rest of my week and in various aspects that I couldn’t have predicted. If we take care of our needs, we are better able to be there for others and art-making can really help fill you up and calm you down.