What does your website say about you and your business?

Did you know, that you have just 10 seconds to make a good impression before someone clicks away?


Maybe you’re feeling fed up with Wordpress (I’ve been there!)

Friend, I’m sure your service or skillset is second to none but if your website is letting you down, potential clients will go elsewhere…

I’d love to help you reach your goals and objectives with a beautifully responsive, functional site that is easy to navigate, manage and update whilst simultaneously allowing you to increase your income and delight your audience.



When working together, you’ll find me creative, personal and impactful from beginning to end…

Let’s get started!


Walk Me Through The Process

* Book a FREE 30 minute consultation - the perfect opportunity to ask questions and determine if we’d like to work together

* I send you an email quote with a contract and deposit invoice

* I await the signed contract and 50% deposit

* I send you a detailed questionnaire prompting your needs, goals and wishes for your site

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* Check-in email 1 week before start

* I will create a custom designed ‘mock up’ of your site detailing the design elements of your site for your review and approval

* As you know your business inside out, I’ll be eager to receive your website text (web copy asap), photographs and branding elements

* Together we create your beautiful new site! :)

More Information

Website Design Prices

Introductory Prices - Limited Time Only

up to 5 pages = £500 / $500

up to 10 pages = £850 / $850

10+ = please ask

Note: These prices do not include hosting your website via Squarespace.

I can give you a 20% discount for a new and annual account (please ask)

All Sites Include

Blog set up

Basic SEO

Custom 404 error page

Social media set up and integration

Domain set up and forwarding

Google analytics set up

Regular communication and support whilst your website is being built

Maintenance training session

Image optimisation

Squarespace 20% hosting discount for annual fee (new customers only)

and more…

Extra Options

Illustration = Price varies (please ask)

Research for images

Online/Ecommerce store = £300/$300+

Acuity set up with templates £200/$200

Set up and integration of Mailchimp or Squarespace Campaigns

Memberspace setup and integration if you require a membership site

Banner creation

Creation of a text logo

Blog signature

Ecourse creation and launch - learn more

If there’s something you require and you don’t see it listed above, please contact me or click below to schedule a free call.

Frequently Asked Questions - Website Design

What do I need to provide you with in order to start the process?

I need you to complete my questionnaire and also bring some visuals into the mix ie. a Pinterest board, magazine images or photos etc. Once I’m fully clear and have a sound vision of what is required both practically and aesthetically, I can begin.

What is the timeframe from start to finish for creating my website?

From start to finish, the process will take a month, just as long as I receive all the text and photographic images that need to be added to the site at the beginning.

What happens if I’m not happy with my website?

I feel mutual communication and pre-launch preparation is essential to the success of this process. With this in mind, I provide an extensive questionnaire with the aim of helping me identify your branding and audience needs and if this doesn’t feel crystal clear, it means there are gaps that need working on before any work can be started. Your visual input (ie. photos, Pinterest board, magazine images etc) is also necessary and will work alongside the questionnaire. Finally, you know your business best and so this key information, needs to come from you.

Do you build online/ecommerce stores?

Yes, I do. If you need an online shop/ecommerce, please just ask.

Do you ‘build’ websites from scratch?

No, I am not a developer but I can reach out to one if you have particular needs. The platform I use is Squarespace and my service includes both the design and build of your website with me, from start to finish.

How much does a site cost, how long will it take and do your fees include everything?

A website for up to five pages, will cost (at time of writing) £500/$500. The site will take up to one month to create (as long as I receive everything on time). My fees don’t include hosting your website via Squarespace, although I can offer a 20% discount off an annual fee for a first time customer.

Can you transfer a Wordpress site to Squarespace?

Yes I can (I did this for my site) but please be aware that the transfer isn’t always ‘clean’ and will require that you take some time to potentially readjust some images, blog posts and remove code etc. I can also help with the URL mapping.

Can you give my existing Squarespace website a ‘facelift’?

Yes, I’d love to help you. Start with booking a free consultation call and we can go from there.

Can you offer Aftercare for my site after completion?

Yes, I am happy to share a ‘hand over’ lesson so that you can feel fully confident with your beautiful new site!

Can you help with my branding or logo?

I am not a branding specialist but I can provide illustration work for a logo or branding project. You would need to hand over the works to your graphic designer if it needs vectorising and/or would go to print.

Will my site be mobile friendly?

Yes, it will. All Squarespace 7 sites feature responsive design, which optimises your site for all mobile devices and browser sizes. This is especially important as Google now gives mobile-optimized sites higher priority.