Do you need to host an ecourse on Squarespace?

Do you have an idea, workshop or video series that you’d love to teach and share with the world?

Are you short on time, or don’t have the tech ability to host an ecourse on your Squarespace website?

LET ME HELP YOU JOIN THE ONLINE learning revolution’!


It’s time to share your idea or skills with the world!

An ecourse is ANY online learning course that teaches a skill.

There are many platforms that can host your online class but hosting your ecourse via your own website, keeps you in total control of your customers/students, your content and the style and appearance of your classroom. I’ve created eight successful online classes (so far) that I host via this website and couldn’t be happier!

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Why join the learning revolution?

  • Your student only needs a fast internet connection within the comfort and convenience of their home, plus a willingness to learn something new.

  • Once your ecourse goes ‘live’, you can sell it worldwide - even whilst asleep!!!

  • People are increasingly wanting to learn a new skill over acquiring possessions.

  • Online learning appeals to all demographics. It’s significantly cheaper than traditional teaching and so is very cost effective for the student.

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What’s Included - Ecourse Launch Services

Price Starting at: £600/$600+

Set up your secure custom designed classroom

Your course can be set up as self-paced or, ‘drip fed’ over a period of time that suits you

Payment processor integration

Add (your pre-prepared) content including video, text, photographs, audio, pdf’s, links etc.

Photographic sourcing (limited)

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Integration with Memberspace

Branding - ecourse graphic

Promo video

Set up integration with Mailchimp

Set up integration with Zapier

Design and creation of ebooks, pdf’s etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to provide you with in order to start the process?

I need you to complete my questionnaire and provide me with any image, video and audio files. In addition, any ‘copy’ aka, your written content is also needed. We will have chatted over your requirements for your ‘classroom’ and what's important in order for your students to have the best experience possible. Once I have all your files, written content and a clear vision of what is required both practically and aesthetically, I can begin.

How soon can you start on my class?

I like to work on each project individually, so, would perhaps need a couple of months notice but this might change (either way) depending upon my workload.

What happens after our initial free 30 minute conversation?

After chatting online, we’ll have a clear idea of whether we want to work with each other, that our styles are the right fit and that you have the necessary content for your special project. From there we’ll schedule another one hour call via Skype/FaceTime/Zoom and will go through your brief in more detail. After this call, I’ll send you a detailed proposal via email.

What do I need to have available before you can start on my ecourse?

Once a clear brief has been created and all the necessary files have been supplies, we can start. I will ask for a 50% payment to be made and then work can start.

Can you edit my video footage?

Yes and no. It really depends upon my work load at any given time. This would involve an additional cost and how much video there is to edit etc.

Do you have experience with creating and launching an ecourse hosted via Squarespace?

Yes, I’ve created eight so far (thanks Kerstin) and I’m very happy with the workaround.

How long will the set up, creation and then launch of my ecourse take and how much will it cost?

An Ecourse Launch Package includes everything you’ll need to launch a successful ecourse and starts at £600/$600. From start to finish, the project should take approximately 4-5 weeks and extra for any video editing.