If you’re a small business owner, a creative, a lifestyle business, publisher, writer or solopreneur…

…I’d love to help bring your vision or project to life!

Using my extensive skill set as an established small business owner, artist, illustrator, online teacher and website designer, I bring a wealth of experience to help you take your creative passion to the next level.



What do you need?

Do you need to launch an ecourse on your Squarespace site, possibly with Memberspace integration?

Do you need a custom designed Squarespace website for your small business, project or passion?

Do you need to nurture your creativity and feel an online art class would help you to de-stress, re-focus, or, learn a new skill and express yourself?

Do you need hand painted illustration work to compliment your website, a book, pdf or, some other project you’re working on?

Do you need to purchase a gift for someone special. You want to buy some art, commission me, or, purchase an online art class?

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Website, Online shop & Blog Design

Introductory Prices: £500/$500+

Ecourse set up & Creation

Introductory Price: £600/$600+

bespoke Illustration

Price? Please ask…