I'm so glad you're here!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself...


I live in the UK in a small farming village - right at the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, near the town of Harrogate.  I think it just might be the place I dreamed of as a little girl - its beautiful...

As well as being a licensed artist, I am a wife to Robert and a Mum to Brandon, Joseph and Benjamin.  Yes, three boys - no wonder I like pink so much [wink].

My artwork stems from a place of faith, joy and a sense of wonder - it's an integral part of who I am, my identity.  I love vibrant colour, texture and nature in its many forms.  Many of my pieces also include heart-felt words of comfort and inspiration for you and me.  I also love to paint female portraits (in many different styles) as it helps me to access my inner life and the various seasons of life.

I enjoy working with women who wish to embrace their passion - either on a personal, spiritual or business level.  

My first ecourse 'Embrace - a spiritual journey' launched the end of April 2014.

My second ecourse was entitled 'Delight - an art ecourse'.

Portraits In Time is my third online class and it has taken so much work, sweat and tears to put together but I'm beyond excited about it.

If you would like to connect further, please visit my facebook page, twitter, pinterest and instagram.   You can also subscribe to my blog via Bloglovin - bringing all your subscriptions to blogs in one place.  Or,  subscribe to my blog posts, take a free class and enjoy my monthly'ish Newsletter - receive updates via your email inbox.

So, I hope you've enjoyed looking around and it's been lovely having you here...

Miscellaneous bits of info about who i am...

  • I love sugar ring doughnuts (mind, who doesn't? ;)).
  • I'm always getting well-known phrases muddled up (much to my family's amusement)!
  • All things 'pastry' are my weakness.  I especially like a traditional beef &  ale pie!
  • We have a dog named Mia and a cat named Daisy.  They hate each other, pretty much.
  • I enjoy my own company but equally like to have family and friends around me.
  • I love being outdoors on my walks with Mia - it's my time for reflection.
  • Books, books, books - love them!  I always have a pile by the bedside -  lots of other places too!
  • I love history, medical and science programmes, most cookery programmes together with 'The Sewing Bee' and 'Bake Off'.
  • A camera (mostly iPhone) is always with me, otherwise I hyperventilate!
  • A mug of tea is always with me, otherwise I hyperventilate!  (Water too, when I'm being diligent!)
  • Adore singing and dancing in the kitchen as well as the car and shower.
  • Happy when I'm cooking but also when I have dinner out - yum!
  • Enjoy 'deep' chats with friends and hubby.
  • Cuddles on the sofa with my boys.
  • Like: the sound of waves, birds singing and hearing the boys chatting together (without them knowing).
  • Married for 14 years this summer (2016).
  • Our honeymoon was in Bali - special memories, always.
  • Have a few close friends and value friendship greatly.  One of my longstanding friends is from school.  We've been friends for 33 years (and we can still chat for a few hours solid, no probs after not seeing each other for 6 months or so - she lives abroad).
  • I used to be a Beauty Therapist with international professional qualifications.  My skills included reflexology, aromatherapy, Eastern head massage, Reiki, professional make up, electrolysis and all the beauty treatments you would expect.
  • I lived in the USA for seven years and first was a nanny (to two boys) and then worked in a very large law firm in the suburbs of Philadelphia near Lancaster County, where the wonderful Amish based film, 'Witness' with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGinnis was filmed. 
  • Studied foundation level psychology and counselling skills.
  • Secret dream: to be a singer (that's the exhibitionist side of me!)
  • My first-born son, Brandon was born on Christmas Day in the States!
  • Favourite films 'Bridges of Madison County' and 'Out of Africa' - both feature Meryl Streep.  I was 17 years old when I first saw 'Out of Africa' and it has resonated with me ever since.
  • Our youngest son was born in a water pool in the hospital - fab experience (minus the pain of course).
  •  I'm a Christian - we're a Christian family and here is my unfolding faith story.

Artist Statement/Bio