Wash day... - signed print by Jane Hinchliffe

Wash day... - signed print by Jane Hinchliffe

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Wash day.... - signed print


This signed fine art print is inspired by a love of vintage quilts and the nostalgia associated with them. I remember as a child my Granny adorning her home with handmade quilts and was just fascinated by their history and how they were made but mainly how cosy, secure and loved they made me feel! ((o)) I've also lived close to Lancaster County in Amish country, USA where there are many quilts drying on any given sunny day!

Your artwork is printed on A4 fine art paper and the image will be centered with white space all around the edges of the print so that you could mount/frame the piece if you wish. (Pic. 5 shows the print with a mount). The paper is of a standard size, so you should not have any problems purchasing a mount/frame to fit it from most department stores. The first photo shows the original (now sold) but yours will have white space around it as just indicated.

If you require the print to be mounted for an extra £5, just let me know...

Your print will be mailed to you in a protective sleeve inside a rigid hardback envelope to ensure it arrives to you in perfect condition.

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