Portrait Painting 2019 - The Art Of Contentment (with guests)


Portrait Painting 2019 - The Art Of Contentment (with guests)

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CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR £95/$120 (FULL PRICE: £150/$192)

You can purchase this class at ANY time throughout 2019 and receive ALL the content that has been created up to that point. As more art, reflections and special guests are created each month, you’ll see that content added to the classroom on the 1st of each month. All videos will be downloadable for you to keep.

Each month you can look forward to a new portrait painting from me and hear from one of my wonderful guests with their thoughts, insights and practical tips for finding contentment in a busy world.

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After purchase, you will receive an email confirmation and then a further email with your private login details and information on how to access the private classroom.

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