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creativity kits
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creativity kits
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Creativity Kits


A treasure trove of items inside a cellophane bag.

* For those times when you don't want to have to go through all your supplies and feel overwhelmed.  
* The perfect gift for a creative or someone who wishes to bring more creativity into their life.
* Hand-picked supplies all ready to create something meaningful with a friend, daughter or granddaughter.
* Or, if you're just wanting to dabble a little with collage, journaling, drawing etc. and you're not sure where to begin. 
* Want to try some hand-picked supplies and just see where the muse takes you? 
* Relax and take the time for some self-expression - just for you.

Here is a sampling of what you will have in your Creativity Kit:

Sweet rhubarb tea bag - Taylors of Harrogate, UK  
Fragment of lace
Embellishments ie. a fabric butterfly, butterfly bead, vintage stamps, button, little ribbon rosebud.
Vintage piece of music paper
Sponge applicator - great to use for collage/mixed media
Vintage photograph corners
Page from a vintage book
Sketchbook (plain) 
Little piece of fabric
Butterfly postage stamps
Organza bag
Bleeding tissue paper
Textile ribbon
Paper hearts
Cute clip
Small pieces of hessian string and thread
Brown 'luggage' tag
Brown paper bag (could decorate this and give as a gift in itself)
Cardboard frames (to paint/decorate/embellish)
Journal card
Origami paper
Silver stars
Small butterfly beads (various colours)
Feathers (possible colours are pink/blue/red)
One pencil
Doily fragment
Various ephemera (papers) ie. from used envelopes, tissue paper, hand made paper with pressed flowers contained within
Skeleton leaf
Little envelope
Letters (few)
Cardboard hearts
Used (and empty) tea bag - can paint on this ie. teabag art
Pressed flowers - a few (by me)
'Journaling postcard'
Some ideas and suggestions that I've put together for the kit and printed off for you.

Note:  The items above may vary according to what I have available but the quantity and quality, will not.

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