She Dreamt of Roses - Mixed Media Art Lesson

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She Dreamt of Roses - Mixed Media Art Lesson

Enjoy creating this textured and emotionally sensitive portrait as I share my process with you. I begin by creating a semi absorbent plaster-like surface on the substrate and then rendering an expressive portrait using water soluble supplies. For added dimension, some tiny glass beads are embedded into the background - they catch the light beautifully!

The portrait begins with a loose continuous line drawing and from there, you’ll see the process evolve, including some challenges that are worked through. Later, watch the portrait come to life using watercolour, crayons and a touch of acrylic!

This lesson has originally been shared as part of my year-long class called The Art Of Contentment. If you’re interested in the full class, please go here.

I think you’re going to love creating on this beautiful plaster-like surface that I’ve devised for this month. The reason I love it so much is because it’s partially absorbent and this makes it ideal for a watercolour application.

The other addition to this piece, are the glass beads - they embed nicely into the background with some soft gel medium and catch the light perfectly.

Continuous line drawing is always fun and unpredictable and that’s why it’s a great way to conquer the blank canvas. Embrace the spontaneity and remember, you can always paint over areas you don’t like. In fact, you’ll see that I hadn’t liked the facial features particularly from quite early on. I thought it important for you to see the whole process and the struggle that can sometimes take place when certain aspects of what we’ve created isn’t working out. I nearly aborted the whole lesson but decided to stick with it because there were so many parts of the painting that I loved. I’m glad I persevered and would encourage you also when you come up against similar issues.

Click the video below to take a little peek…

There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’d Like To Know More

In this lesson, I’ll be taking you through the process from beginning to end.

Watch as I guide you through the mixing ratios for creating this really special surface upon the substrate - it’s absorbent but also has the feel and smooth characteristics of plaster too. All I can, is that It takes paint beautifully!

Next, no need to fear the blank white canvas - you’ll start with a continuous line drawing from a reference photo using water soluble supplies.

Then, switching to watercolour, watch how the paint ‘blooms’ on the surface giving a look of softness, expression and depth of emotion.

The roses are gradually built up in layers using watercolour, crayon and acrylic paint - again the ground that we’ve created lends itself really well to this process.

Lastly, I show how to embed and adhere small and subtle tiny glass beads into the background for added texture and dimension.

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Here Are Some Of The Steps That Are Covered In The Class

She Dreamt of Roses Jane Hinchliffe.jpg
  • Create a plaster-like ground for a boxed canvas substrate.

  • Learn how to use a continuous line drawing as a jumping off point

  • Create loose washes to build up form

  • Have fun with mark making

  • Reference photo included for portrait as a download

  • Create expressive roses using various supplies and layers

  • Have fun with transparency and opaque colour exploration throughout

  • Create further visual interest in drama with subtle tiny glass beads which gently catch the light

  • And as usual, you can download the videos as well!

Supply Suggestions

As always, please use what you have and don’t feel you have to buy lots of supplies

supplies she dreamt of roses.jpg

Paper towel/water/brushes - I used size 12 and 9

Neocolor 1 wax oil pastel - I used: oranage, emerald green, rose, raw umber

Glass beads

Gel Medium Golden - Soft gel gloss and brush to apply

White acrylic Fabric, found papers, lace, doiliesBlack paint and brush

30cm square boxed canvas

Gesso white

Golden Light Moulding Paste


Lyra 6b Graphite Crayon - Watersoluble

Ceramic palette (any palette is just fine)

Water spray

Watercolours - I used: Winsor & Newton Rose Madder, Daniel Smith Piemontite Genuine, Daniel Smith Quinacridone Sienna, Cotman Payne’s Gray, Cotman Permanent Rose, Daniel Smith Rhodonite Genuine, Daler & Rowney Yellow Ochre, Cotman Sap Green, Daler & Rowney Veridian Hue, Winsor and Newton Cadmium Red.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this class for?  

She Dreamt of Roses is for anyone who enjoys pretty and feminine mixed media art combined with portraiture. Prior art experience is not required - just come with an open mind and have a go - all the videos show you what to do, step by step and if you have any questions, you know you can always ask me for help.

I'd like to purchase an online class - once I pay for the class, how long will I have access to the lessons? 

We’re all busy and I understand that time is in short supply. You'll be happy to hear, that you will have lifetime access. This means that for as long as I own this website and am operating this business, you will have access to any content you have purchased.

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For your convenience, in this class, all videos will be available for you to download to your computer.

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Meet Jane

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An artist and online teacher, I’m passionate about sharing soulful, creative and practical tools that I’ve discovered through life’s challenges.

My journey has encompassed depression, the life-threatening illness of a child and a transformative reconnection to art-making that felt like 'coming home'. I’m learning to approach life and all that it entails from a place of gratitude, warmth and honesty through the lens of my faith. I love helping women slow down, reclaiming their identity and finding a sense of renewal and contentment that ripples throughout life using creativity..

I live with my husband and our two teenage boys in a beautiful rural village in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales in the UK.

Thanks for being here.

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