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The greatest wealth is to live content with little.
— Plato

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I want to offer you a very warm welcome! I’m thrilled to open up this private classroom with you and share some bonus content. I just know you’re going to love what Jennifer Cockcroft has to share with you...

‘Art helps us to switch off from the pressures of a busy world and enables us to reconnect with ourselves, refocus our priorities and slow down’.

Let’s enjoy 2019 together as we paint through the year with soulful portraits and enjoy contributions from guests (and myself) on their insights for living a slower life and finding contentment from within.

On the 1st of every month, look forward to a new and extensive mixed media portrait lesson from myself, together with a beautiful guest offering too.

Click the button below to purchase the class. Please note the classroom opens on 1st Jan and will be open throughout 2019 (and beyond).

Hope to see you in class…

Jane x

Pre-Launch Content


Please note that all content in this class, is mine and cannot be used or sold elsewhere. Content theft, unfortunately, is real, but it is my hope that anyone taking this course does so because they want to learn the material and not because they want to copy and sell it themselves. Thank you for your consideration of the hard work and experience I put into all of my classes.