Hand Painted Illustration Can Provide A Creative Boost To Any Project


If you’re needing custom illustration for any size job, I’d love to collaborate with you

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Illustration is not fine art ie. creating from self-expression but instead focuses on what people ask for.

My illustration work involves hand painting (as opposed to digital) in a variety of media but especially watercolour and pen and ink. The hand-drawn touch has a life and charm of its own and can be as loose or precise as you need it to be.

Hand painting adds individuality and can beautifully express a visual idea thereby targeting your brand and offering a personal touch that often photography can’t.

I’m particularly interested in themes of nature, portraits, faith, whimsy, women, history, the soulful and spiritual and lastly, all things whimsical.

So, whether you’re interested in illustration for a book cover or for a book project, pdf file, online class, brochure, website banner or, magazine etc., I’d be truly excited to hear about your project and talk it over with you…


Why Custom Illustration is Good For Your Business

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Your illustration is going to:

* help give a unique ‘voice’ that will be easily recognisable

* be ideal for representing and interpreting a complex idea

* be reflective of your brand

* act as a way to stand out from the crowd

* look great!



Begin The Process

Book a free consultation - we mutually decide if we’re a good ‘fit’ before we work together

I await the signed contract

You pay a 50% deposit in order for work to commence

I’ll provide you with a questionnaire - you know your needs and requirements for your project so, this stage is vital in order for me to have a clear vision for the work I’ll be creating for you. The clearer you are, the better the outcome will be.

Using your answered questionnaire, we’ll chat about your needs, what ideas you have for your project, price range, timeline etc.

You create a Pinterest board or provide physical images/inspiration of what’s inspiring you in relation to your project

After we both feel there’s a clear vision of what’s required, I will provide you with a Creative Brief to review

You choose one of my ideas and I begin creating

You pay the remaining 50% fee

We end up with some beautiful custom illustration :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to provide you with in order to start the process?

I need you to complete my questionnaire and also bring some visuals into the mix ie. a Pinterest board, magazine images or photos etc. Once I’m fully clear and have a sound vision of what is required for your brand, audience and needs, I can begin.

How do I decide upon an illustration style?

You need to have a clear idea of the purpose, your audience, your brand and from there we will talk about a style that is suitable for the outcome.

What happens after our initial call?

Once you have signed the contract and paid the 50% deposit, I will create some draft ideas for you and from there, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the option that most fits your requirements.

How many reviews are included in with the fee?

I want you to be happy with your beautiful illustration and therefore will do my best to accommodate your input over two rounds of changes. Since we will have done extensive groundwork for the project initially, there shouldn’t be any need for additional changes.