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Why Heart Letters as opposed to a ’Newsletter’? Simply said, I’m bored of most 'Newsletters' and find my inbox is already overflowing and I’m sure yours is too - yuck!

Instead, I'd like to send you Heart Letters 2-4x per month maximum.  I want to share the light and dark stuff of life, ask the right questions, lessons I'm learning, artist 'confessions', what's inspiring me and of course, updating you on my art and living a creative life - I'm hoping, you'll see a lot of you reflected back in my Letters.  You will also receive 20% off both my online classes.

After signing up, you have the option of ALSO gaining access to a free project from my online class Fragments of Joy and lastly, the Inspiration Library - a cosy, private space where you'll be able to watch video art tutorials, download beautiful desktop wallpapers and enjoy art prints and so much more.  I want it to be a place that helps you soak up heaps of goodness and positivity.  

Remember, my Heart Letters is the only place where you'll receive discount codes, my latest 'heart' news and big updates!

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