Heads Up 50 Project



I introduced my #HeadsUp50Project here in January 2018 and now I'm typing this just one day before my project begins on 1 March 2018.  

As well as chatting about depression, my journey and hopefully moving away from medication, I also want to look at how creativity can help us explore our emotions and help with depression.  I want this space to be a place of encouragement, sharing, a source for research and latest news on depression etc. Go here for more resources.

Collage No. 1 (below) - It's A New Day... - 2 March 2018

its a new day collage 1.jpg
close up collage 1.jpg
headsup no 1 collage.jpg


See the videos below for a little bit more info...

Both a personal journey and an opportunity to look at depression and help to rid the stigma associated with mental health issues through shared conversation, authenticity, kindness and embracing who we are and celebrating that. I will be creating 50 (just turned 50) collages directly onto antidepressant medication boxes of various expressive faces, Yorkshire Tea teabags, personal writing and treasured finds.

I've taken my last Prozac tablet and I'm going to start with my doctor's protocol for reducing from tomorrow. I talk about materials I'm going to use for my collages, insights and how I'm feeling. 

Thank you for being on this journey with me...

Jane x

Video Diaries - HeadsUp50Project

My journey but also general info., help, discussion and encouragement for all who either experience or know someone who is touched by any aspect of mental health including depression, anxiety and low mood.