There are a number of frequently asked questions that I get asked all the time and I thought it would make it easier to have the answers nice and handy for you to see at a glance.

So here are the top faq's I get asked...

Remember, I do love hearing from women directly though, so if you have any other questions that this faq doesn't answer, or you just need further clarity on something, simply email me directly at: or, fill out my Contact Form and I'd be happy to get back to you as soon as I can....

Can I buy artwork from you directly?

Yes, you totally can.  Just let me know which piece you are interested in and I can easily create a PayPal invoice to send directly to your email box where you can then select the payment method you wish to use within your PayPal account.  In addition, I have my own online shop on this site, as well as an Etsy shop which has up-to-date artwork and ecourses at all times.

Do you take on commissioned work?

I certainly do!  I love working on commissions.  Just get in touch via my Contact Form.  Please include some details of what you have in mind and we'll sort something out.

Can I use one of your images for a self-published book, cd cover or something else?

Yes, I am always happy to work with individuals or micro businesses - just get in touch and let's chat!  I'm all for supporting and encouraging small businesses! :)

Do you license your work?

Yes, I have many pieces of artwork that are currently being used for licensing purposes worldwide.  Thus far, my work has been used for wall art, bedding, vintage decorated trunks and shower curtains.  If you are interested in any licensing opportunities, please (you guessed it!) get in touch.

I notice you take lots of photographs around 'n' about where you live - where are you located in the UK?

We live in a small rural village near Harrogate, North Yorkshire - nestled in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).  I love to use my iphone for convenience and my Nikon when I'm doing some 'serious' photography.

Will you offer workshops?

Yes, I do and here are some details on my workshops.  If you have something in mind that I would need to travel for (or local) and there would be enough participants ie. 6+, please get in touch.

Can I have a 'guest post' slot on your blog please?

Sure, if you think your content would be a good fit with me,  just let me know what you'd like to share with the world.

What happened to your other blog?

Unfortunately, leaving Typepad meant that all my images (over 1000 of them) could not be moved to any other portal.  So, I had to take the tough decision to start afresh.  Any links to guest posts and artists in that site, will be reinstated as soon as possible.  I won't be making that mistake again!  I do apologise for this - technology grrrr!

Are you interested in collaborations, writing guest blog posts, or interviews?

Yes, please!  Send me any ideas via my Contact Form and let's chat. :)

Are you interested in wholesale orders?

Yes, I am but ONLY if on a commissioned basis.

Do you ever offer 'sponsorship slots' on your blog?

Yes, I have done this in the past but not for a while now.  However, if your site is similar in nature to mine and you would like to exchange 'badges' for an agreed period of time for free, that would be fantastic.  Get in touch and let's see if we make a good fit! ;)

What are your favourite artist supplies?

As a matter of fact, here is a link to a page I've created answering that very question about my favourite artist supplies.  Take a look.

I know you love books, are there any you would recommend both on art-making and others? 

Yes, please take a look at this page which details my favourite books.

Do you have a Newsletter that I can subscribe to?

Yes, here is the link and it roughly gets sent out every month or so with details of new artwork, workshops, inspiration and creativity.