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Free Flower Collage Painting

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Enjoy this FREE lesson for Subscribers only!  It's lesson 2 from my online collage class called, Fragments Of Joy.



Free! - Faded Flowers Watercolour


Enjoy this expressive and spontaneous female portrait painting - really pretty!

Free! - Watercolour Videos


Watercolour is one of my favourite mediums to use - it's so versatile, fun and you don't need many supplies to get started.  In these 3 videos I share some helpful tips and inspiration to help you get started.


Free! - Monthly Dreams and Goals

Monthly Dreams + Goals has been a regular series on my blog where I share my dreams and goals and encourage you to do the same using your planner/diary, papers, pens etc.  It's such great fun!


Free! - Art Journal Tutorial

This painted journal would also be a lovely gift to create for a loved one or even to display on a bookcase and (of course) be there when you quickly need to write down some juicy ideas or thoughts.


Free! - Faith Art Journaling Through Life's Challenges

In my video, I show you how I’ve created this ‘prayer girl’ using acrylic paint and pencil in my sketchbook.  I also chat about prayer, perseverance and having faith through difficulties – I go on to share a little about what’s happening in my family currently.

Free! - Mixed Media 'Emerging'

In this video I share my process for making this piece called 'Emerging'.  Enjoy!

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