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Fragments Of Joy

Classroom Open!

This class is all about letting go using collage.  Enjoy the feeling of spontaneity as you create collages using 'fragments of joy' ie. scraps of paper, fabric, lace etc.  Make a 'memory' photo collage in a re-purposed book and be filled with delight as you piece together a floral still life.  Watch your artwork transform with the addition of atmospheric transparent layers.  Finally, embrace play - make art that doesn't have to 'make sense' but instead makes you joyful!  

I'll also be sharing lots of tips, suggestions as well as a little detour as to how some famous artists have embraced collage.

After purchase, you will receive an email with details on how to access the private classroom.

Price: £35 (approx. $46)

Some Of What You Will Learn...

* This class contains the lessons for the three projects you see below in addition to some bonus material.  

* You will learn how to create a collage using ephemera that is meaningful to you.

* Do an image transfer.

* Enjoy piecing together a beautiful floral still life with simple composition.

* Use your intuition as you create whimsical, meaningful and just funny collages using magazines.

* Watch for ideas on how to create your own collage papers and know that the sky is the limit for what you can create with this know how!

* Make your own transparency image for collaging in a unique way that allows the underneath to show through in an interesting and atmospheric way.

* Learn to 'let go and let happen' with the art of imperfection and collage.

* Come to understand various ways that collage can be used for generating new work.

* Enjoy the use of collage as I share my tips for memory making, soulful reflections and PLAY!

* A walk through my Creativity Kits.

* Some information on collage, it's history and how some famous artists have used it to brilliant effect!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the class start?  The classroom is Open!

Who is this class aimed at?  This class is for anyone who would like to learn some of the amazing possibilities of using collage in their art making.  You don't need any previous collage or art experience.  Incidentally, artists would benefit from this course as a springboard for new work, as a tool for spontaneity/letting go and finally as a way to combat a creative block.

Once I pay for the class, how long will I have access to the lessons?  We are all busy and I understand that time is in short supply.  You'll be happy to hear, that you will have lifetime access via your login details.  

How are payments handled?  Your payment is securely handled by using either a credit card or Pay Pal.  Be assured that this is a secure connection and you will notice the lock icon in your browser - this shows that your information is safe.  

How do I access the class?  You'll receive a purchase confirmation and another email with your personal login details for your class which is available from the 25th October 2017 onwards.

Do you offer refunds?  I'm sorry but refunds are not available. 

Any Questions/or help?  Please email me: - I'd love to hear from you.