If you can cut, tear and use glue, you can collage!

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Collage is a fantastic ‘way-in’, even if you don’t feel like the ‘creative-type’, you’ll relish spontaneity, playfulness and you don’t need a lot of time, supplies or knowledge to get started and to make art you’ll feel proud of.

If you love papers, use your tickets/letters/magazines etc that you’re keeping for ‘some day’ - it’ll feel wonderful to make up your own visual ‘stories’ with ‘fragments of joy’, that you’ll cherish.

An artist or writer? Collage can be a fun and fresh way to explore new ideas with immediacy and is ideal for creative blocks

If you’re longing to take a break from the pressures of life and sprinkle in some playfulness, you’ll love, Fragments of Joy.

Enjoy making art that doesn’t have to ‘make sense’ but instead makes you feel revived, calmer and cheerful.

Collage is so versatile - it can be an art-form in and of itself - think of Picasso’s collage work. Equally, collage needs no special tools or training - once you’ve learned the basics, you’re free to explore with a variety of materials and express yourself in so many ways.

Collage helps you tell a story... 
your story... 
through papers, images, texture and objects...

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What Can I Expect To Learn?

* Ephemera - memory making

* Image transfer

* Floral still life

* Using intuition

* Collage papers

* Transparency imaging

* Letting go - play and humour

* Jumping off points to explore


What Does The Class Include?

* 6+ hours video content + more

* Three in-depth projects

* Bonus project

* Five extra lessons

* Learn a little about collage, a little art history and some famous collage artists

* Tips and how I use collage on a personal level

* Secret Pinterest board for inspiration

Below - just some of the content that’s available in the classroom…

A Little More Detail

The Projects - More Info.png


I’ve loved the variety of projects that Jane has included and have learnt so many ways to include collage in my art. Such a fun class!
— Anna

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will I have access for?  Lifetime or as long as I am in business and am using this platform - I'm not planning on going anywhere...

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How do I access the class?  You'll receive a purchase confirmation and another email with your personal login details for your class.

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