Current Favourite Books on Art + Creativity

One of my other great passions in life as well as art making (of course), is reading and I thought I would share with you some of my favourite books that have inspired me (and continue to do so) along the way.


I've always, always loved books and so this is just a small portion of the books I own (yes, it's an obsession).  From these favourite books, I haven't actually listed any of my cookery, art history, photography, or nature books - but will do that in the future.

For now, the links you see above are books that I have purchased via Amazon and also here's a link to my Goodreads page which has details of more of my favourite books that I own.

If you have any other favourite books that you think I may like, please let me know in the comments below.


Please note, that if you purchase one of these items via my links, as an affiliate of Amazon, I will receive a very small percentage as commission.  However, it's important to know, that I genuinely love these books.