Beginning: 1st June and for the whole of June...

Join in with this very first #createjoyfulJune2018 - that's 30 days of creating in any way you'd like - it's global!

Far up in the deep blue sky, Great white clouds are floating by; All the world is dressed in green; Many happy birds are seen, Roses bright and sunshine clear Show that lovely June is here.
— F. G. Sanders


June - we're half way through the year and it seems an ideal opportunity to cultivate some joy with a 'joyful' and creative challenge for all.  Join in regularly or just dip in and out whenever you wish.  You can participate via my blogFacebook Group and Instagram.

Feel free to 'create' whatever you'd like in response to the daily prompt (see image below).  It could be a photo response or perhaps you'd like to share a doodle, mini watercolour, collage, poem - it's all good!  

Finally, this is a daily post - start any time.  Don't worry if you miss a day, or parts of a week etc. - just jump in and out as time allows.  

When posting on Instagram, use the hashtag #createjoyfuljune2018 so that we can find each other.

So, let's create a joyful June 2018 together!



Ways To Join In and Play

I can't wait for us to gather together as a 'joyful' global community...  

Facebook Group - come on over to the Group where you can share your photos and 'joyful' creations!

Instagram - please share your photos and so that we can find each other, use #createjoyfuljune2018

Blog - join the blog roll below by scrolling to the last blog in the list and then click on 'add your link'.

'Create Joyful June' - yay!

Jane xo


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