Home Time - New Artwork


I just wanted to give you a little update on a new original watercolour painting that I've just added to my shop - it's called, 'Home Time'.  My other watercolour paintings that I have available are here and prints may be created from any of my original paintings.  If you would like a print that is not listed in my shop, please just let me know. home time

Home Time

Home Time

This talk of 'Home Time' gets me thinking about home in general at this special time of year - Christmas.  I do hope you are managing to savor some of the preparations that might be going on in your home at the moment.  Our boys have finished school today and will be home until after the New Year.  I'm looking forward to seeing Paddington at the movies with them, celebrating Christmas with family of course and the simple joys of time together, eating yummy food and watching lots of Christmas TV.

My love to you and yours...

Jane xo



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December : dreams + goals


Hello December

Hello December

More than ever this year, I want to really savour Christmas and not just watch it pass by in a blur - yep, I'm determined and this is showing up in my December : dreams + goals for this month.

I'm putting aside time each day (and as a family) to remember what Christmas really means to me and trying to do away with details, chores and busyness that just doesn't need or warrant my attention.  So far it's going okay and I'm managing to balance things (just) but I know this could be open to change, so I'm just staying curious and open to 'adjustment', so to speak.

Hello December Hello December

How about you?  Have you considered penning your December : dreams + goals so that you can reflect upon what's important to you this month and what can be put aside?

Much love.

Jane xo



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Big News |Art as Prayer - Art Circle Invite for Women


Art as Prayer - Art Circle

So, I know I've hinted here and there that I've been 'up to something' and now I can finally do the big reveal!

I've created an art circle/forum for women just like you, called 'Art as Prayer'. 

This is something I've been longing to do for such a long time and I can't quite believe it's happening...

I want this to be a place of creativity, art (of course) but also a place of encouragement, friendship, play, joy, faith, healing, gratitude, nurturing and self-discovery - all in a safe and relaxed community of like-minded women.

catch up painted journal

As I mention in the video, there are three free videos with fun and simple projects to get you started (once you join) and from there you can introduce yourself (when and if you wish), join discussions about art supplies, art journalling, watch my free demos, ideas about creating with children, the 'creative life' etc.

There will be regular themes, videos and all with ample ways for you to jump in...

I want this space to be a haven that you love to visit - a place where you can 'virtually' enjoy a cup of tea, a little chat and gain inspiration, new ideas and hopefully share your art pieces whether art journaling, mixed media, watercolour etc.

Art as Prayer

Lastly, I want it to be a living breathing haven for women who long to bring some creativity into their lives but are a bit overwhelmed, need some 'community spirit' or just want to give themselves the gift of a little time to themselves.

Women of all abilities and experience are welcome.

To join, please follow this link: http://janehinchliffeartist.ning.com/ and then click the top right hand corner where it says: 'Sign Up' and just follow the screen instructions.  I will then approve your membership and from there you can enter the circle with 'introductions', look at the classes, start a conversation and fill in your profile etc.

Art as Prayer Art Circle

I'm looking forward to meeting you...

Jane xo







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Advent Family Activity


Following on from yesterday's post, I just wanted to share with you all a little video of our Advent family activity as it's progressed so far.  I'll show progress shots from time to time but I really just wanted to post this to hopefully inspire you to make this Advent special for your family in whatever feels right and fitting for you and your cirumstances. In case you're interested, we had a roll of white craft  paper and have cut off a long sheet of it and hung it on a wall.  We're then colouring in (as a family activity) the daily advent images from Ann Voskamp's site and will add them to the display as the days roll by.

Advent Family Activity Our boys really enjoyed this Advent family activity and so did we.  Joseph ended with a little prayer that he said out loud and it just felt really special. The boys want to take turns hanging the ornaments and saying the prayer of thanks.  Once we receive Ann's book, we shall incorporate the daily reading also.Advent Family Activity

Advent Family Activity

Advent family activity from Jane Hinchliffe on Vimeo.

I think Christmas and the real message of it can be sometimes quite hard to convey to children so combining it with a craft activity and what's more, something that we are doing together that's tangible ie colouring in ornaments, really helps it all come together.  Let me know what you think too...

Jane x0


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How To Make This Christmas Meaningful


A Christmas that is meaningful for all the 'right' reasons...

Today I'm thinking about this first day of Advent and at the same time, the impending craziness of the lead up to Christmas Day and I'm wondering how to make this Christmas meaningful for all the right reasons for myself and my family.

It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you... yes, it is Christmas every time you smile at your brother and offer him your hand. - Mother Teresa

How To Make This Christmas Meaningful

There's no getting away from it, it's a tremendously busy month for us women but I'm desperately trying to not fall into the vortex of it all, if you know what I mean?  My heart though is desperate to not miss out on the blessing and true gift of Christmas.

You might have seen on the news the hiatus of  'Black Friday' and the fighting, arrests and the utter carnage that took place here in the UK over buying items for Christmas.  I don't know about you but I felt utter shame and dismay and yet maybe we're all guilty of it to some extent?

Two years ago I purchased Ann Voskamp's first book, One Thousand Gifts and then last year, The Greatest Gift and now this year I have bought (which hopefully will arrive shortly) the read out loud family version Unwrapping the Greatest Gift.

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