Love resides here

At this time of year our attention seems to inevitably be on Christmas looming and all the things on our 'to do list'.  This year though, I'm wanting to also focus on making my home inviting and relaxed for the gathering of friends and family.  My home is certainly no 'show home' but still with a few touches here and there I think it will feel welcoming, loving and cosy.

This new painting that I've just completed is all about this very topic.  It is called 'Love resides here' and is available in my shop.  With a tendency of being a bit of an 'A type' personality, I don't want to get so caught up in the perfection of it all, instead I want to be able to gather friends and family knowing that not only is my home welcoming but my heart too.

Other years, I think I've steered clear of having many friends or family over for fear of my house not living up to their expectations.  Well, not this year...

love resides here By the way, for all my American friends and family, have a wonderful Thanksgiving today.

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Love is always the answer - new artwork

Things have once again returned to a 'kind of normal' now the boys have gone back to school after having had a week off at half-term.  It was a lovely break with plenty of sleep-ins, time with friends, time together and taking things a little easier. I've just finished a new painting entitled 'Love is always the answer...' which you can see below...

love is always the answer

Time and time again, I come back to the above words in my life.  When I'm stuck, struggling, defiant and far, far from my true north (God), I recalibrate myself using those words and they never fail me...

Jane xo





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Trust that the universe is working with YOU and for YOU...


kite pic

In life it sometimes becomes apparent that the thing you've been putting off can't wait any longer don't you find?

As I continue with my decluttering, sorting out, cleaning, painting, the going through of 'stuff', I'm feeling liberated.  I've done decluttering in the past but nothing as thorough as this and it feels good.

Finally I've listened to the whispers of my heart, which I interpret to be from God.  The voice has said, sort your home out and the rest will come.  I've been a little slow in acting but finally the message has hit 'home' - sorry for the pun.

I think I've taken my home for granted and let things slide a little.  I've treated its needs as an inconvenience and even been resentful of it.  I've wanted to concentrate on my stuff, family and my work.  Meanwhile, I've missed the point of my home being a h.o.m.e. in the sacred sense of the word.  I'm now taking real pleasure from this space, this time of re-assessing and stepping back.  It's also giving me time to ponder about other things whilst carrying out these tasks and that's also been positive.

I'm only half-way through but know I'm on the right path.  I'm trusting the universe, that is God with me and in what is needed for my life right now.

I feel lighter somehow and I'm sure that this positive energy is going to flow into my artwork.

What about you, are you avoiding anything that is dragging you down or making you feel out of sorts?  Have a little think and maybe put a plan into action and then take baby steps towards completion.  You'll feel lighter too!

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Watercolour, words + glimpses into nature

Love my 'wellibobs' - boots in other words MiaEvery morning I walk Mia (see above) after having dropped our boys off at school.  I know it's obvious but I find it amazing how much more we see of the world when we walk. Various This watercolour (below) I've just finished includes some leaves that had dropped from an oak tree I often walk past (above).  (By the way, I read the other day, that oak trees can live for more than 1000 years!)

Underfoot are hundreds of acorns that are in varying stages of decay.  You can't help but walk on them and hear the crunch underneath - I love the sound.

Watercolour - oak leaf + quote

Quote + Oak Leaf

Start of painting

This Autumn I'm finding myself with a surge of energy to de-clutter, reassess my wardrobe, re-arrange things, paint rooms (done two), I've deep cleaned a carpet in our dining room and a need to finalise jobs that have been put aside.

I think it's a sign that I'm getting ready to hunker down if you know what I mean?  You know when you see squirrels rushing about collecting their nuts before hibernating?  Well, I've a yearning to get ready for the Winter season and a desire to get things cosy, nurturing and tranquil - not the nut collecting aspect though.


A quick note:

I'm slowly getting to grips with it technically and will be adding items to my new website shop as time goes on.

I still have my Etsy shop.

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Thursday: Truth 'n' Dare

Autumn in all it's glory...

Do you ever feel like you are enveloped in a 'fog'?  You feel cut off from 'real living' and you're just keeping your head down and trying to finish the race?  Well, that's how I've felt too.

The 'truth' is that I've been sooooo busy and consumed with business, home and everything else, that I've hardly created any artwork these past weeks or paid attention to the whispers of my heart.  Life has been racing by and I've felt out of sync.

On my walk this morning (see photo above), it struck me that I've been feeling depleted in all sorts of ways and situations and that as I attend to some of the practical issues that are making me feel that way, I'm realising I have to nurture myself in little ways more often.

So, my 'dare' was to do something creative that would fill and light me up.   Nothing too taxing or involved - just acting upon where I was in my life at that precise moment and then taking action (however small).

I know it probably sounds a bit pathetic but I've felt the need to swap my pretty vintage cushions from the dining room to the living room for a while now.  So, I tinkered (love that word) with the cushions and put a pretty throw over the back of the sofa and hey presto - a little creative touch that made my heart sing.

Just a little, teeny tiny act that could be viewed as something or nothing but if it gets us to just stop for one moment and be with the here and now, well, that's a good thing, yes?

So, it's over to you and your 'dare'?


Start where you are.

You don't need lots of time, just a few minutes. 

Don't over-complicate things.

Small acts can make all the difference.

Don't think about it too deeply.

Act with love, intuition and curiosity - then 'go do it'.


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I'm back!

It's been a long time coming this blog post that's all I can say - phew!

familycelebration 8 Oct 2013 11-16

In the summer, I had decided to switch from TypePad to thinking it wouldn't be too big a deal but boy was I wrong!  It has been a very big deal and one of the consequences has been particularly massive.  All my blog posts from the last two years got transferred (after nearly pulling my hair out) but NONE of the images did.  So, after lots of heartache, technical research (you wouldn't believe), tears, angst and all the rest of it, I have decided to stay put but say 'goodbye' to all my posts, photos and other bits and pieces.

The good news though, is that I'm back and I'm so, so happy to be back.  By the way, the guest posts that were included previously, will be gradually incorporated into this blog.  It's amazing how much I've missed working on my blog.  I know things still don't look that pretty but it'll get there...

So, I will be showing you my artwork, sharing my heart and hopefully inspiring you to get creative!

As always, I love to hear from you, so please get in touch if you fancy a 'virtual' chat.





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