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Free Video - How To Create An All In One Bullet Journal AND Sketchbook

How I've Combined A Bullet Journal, Diary AND Sketchbook!

Do you find yourself being so busy day to day but not being very productive?  Yes, I know that feeling all too well and I'm determined to change this around the best I can!  Enter: The Bullet Journal!

It's a simple system designed to help you 'track the past, organise the present and plan for the future'.  It was devised by Ryder Carroll and I think it's revolutionary and more so since I'm now combining my bullet journal, a journal/diary AND a sketchbook.  I love it because everything is in one place and my mind doesn't feel like it's in 2,000 places at once - yeah, you have that feeling too? 

Incidentally, Ryder had been diagnosed in his childhood with Attention Deficit Disorder and this TED Talk video shares a little of his journey; I found it really fascinating and worthwhile.

Meanwhile, in the video below, I show you my new bullet journal that I started in the New Year and then go through the supplies and give you a few tips along the way.  It's a work in progress and I'm just feeling my way still but I know it's making a difference to my life and I see it becoming more useful as time goes on...

In case you didn't see the blog post, I also created a video showing how I created the pretty painted cover for my bullet journal - so get yourself a cup of tea and watch that too. :)

bullet journal.jpg

I'd also recommend the book that you see in the picture above - How To Bullet Plan by Rachel Wilkerson Miller.  Whilst I haven't followed it to the letter by any means, it's been a good starting place for me.  

In case you're searching for a planner/sketchbook, I've been really pleased with mine - Daler Rowney Hardback Sketchbook, A5 150gsm. 

sketchbook and bullet journal.jpg

So, there you have it - are you using a bullet journal or do you use another system that works for you?  Or, does the idea of any 'system' bring you out in hives - I'd love to hear... :)

Jane xo


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Inspiring Artist and Creativity Websites

Whether you are an artist or just beginning your creative pursuits, it's always nice to have some inspiration along the way and today I thought I'd share my top 10 sites (in no particular order):

Sometimes we can get into a rut or just need some time out from our own creative work in order to fill ourselves up so that when we return to our art table, we can feel refreshed once again...

So here's my list below:



1. Jane Davenport - artist and popular online teacher. 

2. Jamie Ridler Studios - mentor and encourager.

3. Alisa Burke - artist + workshop and online teacher

4. Cloth Paper Scissors - magazine

5. Women In Art History - art and culture

6. Collage Art of Laura Lein-Svencner - art

7. JaneVille - creativity galore

8. sfgirlbybay - design, art and culture

9. The Jealous Curator - art, interviews, inspiration

10. Posie Gets Cosy - craft, art and just a beautiful blog

I do hope this list of sites has inspired you and hopefully jump starts your creative juices or, you just enjoy a well-earned break from your own creative work. 

A favour: please share in the comments section below if you have any favourite creative sites that you regularly enjoy.  Thanks.

Jane x


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My New Studio + Advice To You

I've been busy, busy (total understatement) with finishing off decorating, going through our stuff, laying new carpet and generally simplifying our home.  The most exciting however, has been fitting out my studio! 

Gosh, it's taken so, so long this process but really it's needed doing for some time and now it's done, I feel a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that I can 'tie a bow' around such intensive activity for a while.  

 Guy (left) and Mia (right) are so nosy.

Guy (left) and Mia (right) are so nosy.

I've never had a 'studio' before and I was desperate to have a space I could call my own.  So, we decided that I would make my art from one end of our really long bedroom.  We had some furniture custom made for the space which I adore and I was determined to make the most of the space available.  The room also has good light, relative peace and quiet and is convenient to the hub of the house, ie. the kitchen.  

 Lots of adjustments and tweaking on these shelves with the placement of my items lol.

Lots of adjustments and tweaking on these shelves with the placement of my items lol.

I can't tell you how many hours it's taken to get to this point but I'm there, finally.  By the way, I've sold many, many books along the way and whilst this has been a hard process, it's also been quite cathartic.


So here's my desk!  In case you're wondering, the painting on the desk, is waiting to go to it's new home - Yay!  

As you may be able to tell, I've enjoyed placing sweet little items on my desk and getting organised.  It'll be lovely to have all my supplies to hand and out on display so that I can see what I've got with relative ease.


I know things won't stay very neat for too long but it'll be lovely to not have to put everything away each night from the dining room table lol.  

Things to ponder when setting up your creative space:

* How do you want your studio/art space to feel when you walk in?

* What aspects of your space can you not compromise on? For me, it was the custom-made storage space.

* How could you have your supplies as accessible as possible?

* Will it enjoy plenty of natural light?

* What will you have to get rid of to make the change feasible?  For me, it was mainly books.

* In what little ways can this space feel authentically you? I added little ornaments, a pink tray etc that make me happy.

So, good luck if you're setting aside some time/space in your home for a creative space.  Let me know how things have gone for you.


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I'm back in my new space!

It feels like it's been an eternity that I've been away but at last I'm back!

I've moved from and couldn't be happier with my brand new site that I've created.  So many hours, blood and guts have gone into creating this space for you and I'd love to hear your feedback, including if there happens to be any technical issues. 

Don't worry, if you're on my blog list, you'll still keep receiving my posts directly in your inbox and likewise for my Newsletter list.  If you're not on these lists and would like to receive news, updates, offers, free classes, blog posts etc, then please sign up. 

Oh and before I forget, take a look at my Free Classes and Workshop pages - lots happening.  

The site is all but done but on the home front, we're still in the middle of a hiatus of activity.  We're decorating our bedroom, fitting new carpet and having some custom furniture made.  What I'm really, really excited about is that I'm moving my 'studio' ie. the kitchen table lol to our bedroom.  I know, seems weird but we have a really long room and there's plenty of space to have a little studio with everything I need at my fingertips at the far end (by the window).  I'll be sure to share some photos...

Thanks for being here and sticking with me, you're the greatest.  


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Stuck With Envy - #8 The Art Of Life Podcast


Stuck with envy

Inspiration for those times of too much browsing Pinterest and not enough creating...

Stuck with envy - do you ever find yourself drowning in the Pinterest scroll instead of creating?  I believe Pinterest is a great tool, I even have an account with them but it's when you find yourself feeling lacking, comparing yourself negatively and not trusting your own creative voice that it becomes a problem.

(Thanks to Linsay for sharing the quote below).

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

- Joseph Chiltern Pearce

I do hope you find this episode useful and the next time you encounter despair, fear or procrastination when creating, turn your mindset around with my tips.

Finally, don't ever downplay your own creative voice - it's a gift, a blessing and no one else can express how you feel, or what you see and that's so important friend.

Remember, please send me your questions, comments or ideas - I'd love to hear from you.  Oh and thanks Sandy for your question.



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How Stean Gorge Artwork Exhibition - March


How Stean Gorge - Artwork Exhibition

I'm delighted and excited to be having an artwork exhibition at the inspiring location of How Stean Gorge for the entire month of March 2016.

how stean gorge exhibition

I've got fond memories of How Stean Gorge and our boys playing there when they were little (and bigger).  They loved the excitement of the place.

The Gorge is really spectacular (of course) and a few years ago, our boys took part in some rafting and abseiling with their oldest brother, Brandon.

new work - cute cows

How Stean also offers canoeing, caving, rock climbing, gorge walking, hire wire action along with various packages to suit your needs.  You can also camp there and explore the area around and about.  Their tag line is 'Experience the thrill of nature' and I think that's spot on!

Here's what How Stean says about their Family Days out...

How Stean Gorge is a spectacular limestone gorge with winding pathways, narrow bridges, underground caves and an active stream still forming mysterious shapes and pools.  You can explore these winding paths and caves armed with your hard hat (advisable for those places where you have to duck!) and a torch. The paths are ideal for children to explore as there’s no straight lines and it’s bumpy in places. It is a superb natural feature so small children will need to be supervised as there are shear drops and ledges.  How Stean Gorge is completely natural and a Site of Special Scientific Interest so it’s also protected.

The whole setting for How Stean (and the surrounding area) is spectacular and you get a sense of adventure as well as peace and tranquility, if that's also what you're after.

Hope original watercolour

My artwork exhibition will be held in the restaurant.  It's a lovely airy space and of course the food is yummy too.  The place has a knack for making you feel immediately at home - which it certainly did for us when we pitched up with two toddlers!

The staff are really helpful and there's always lots going on but a quiet corner if you need it just to drink some tea and get lost in your own thoughts.

I hope you manage to take a look and try some of their activities and offerings, whilst having a browse through my artwork exhibition.  On display will be primarily original watercolours with signed fine art prints and blank hand-crafted greeting cards.

Lastly, why not make a day of it with family and/or friends - you won't be disappointed.  :)



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