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This is a new series that I will add to regularly and it's all about managing the many aspects of running a creative business from home.  So whether you would like to start your own creative business or already have one, I'll be sharing tips, insights and reflections just for you...

So today, I want to talk about all those creative business ideas, to-do's, goals, projects that accumulate in your head - let's face it, as a creative, we are never short on those but I've found that I need a working system to keep them all in one place.

For a while now I've been wanting to pen all these ideas into one place rather than having a multitude of lists, journals and then not remembering where the said list/journal is - this often happens folks round here!  

The problem has been thinking of a way that works best for me and being such a visual person, it has to look right too - in other words, I need to put my creative spin on it.  I've thought about using a ring file/binder, index cards, my computer and have never found anything suitable or quite right for me.

Then I had the idea of using a multi subject/tabbed notebook and after hunting about, came across one in Paperchase that had 10 dividers (I couldn't find a photo of the one I've purchased but mine is the exact same one as below, except with 10 dividers).

paperchase image notebook web

The thing I like about it, is the fact that it's plain (that had put me off previously) and that means I can go to town decorating it and changing it until it's right for me.  I'd been looking for 'just the right' notebook but didn't like any of the images on the covers, so the blank notebook is a great way for me to go.  It's also has a clear plastic cover, so anything that I add to the title page, is protected.

Here's what I've done with mine:

First off, I searched for an image that resonated with me.  I'd toyed with the idea of collaging the front but decided against it (the paper is quite thin but could be painted over with gesso to give it a bit of rigidity) - maybe next time though...


Next I did some random doodling, just because...

I used some washi tape to adhere the image to the notebook and of course, just for a pop of additional colour.


Next I chose three pieces of ribbon that harmonised with the colours of the image on the front cover.  I threaded them through the 'coils' and tied them together.  I love how this simple addition looks so cute and brings me joy.


Next I wanted to write out my tabs but because the tabs are plastic, they are difficult to write on (adhere to) and also, I wanted to add colour.  So, I improvised and wrapped washi tape around the tabs and then wrote directly onto the tape with a marker.


So, there you go!  All finished...


I've been busy writing up tasks, business ideas etc into my new working system and I'm really enjoying it.  I still use my Daybook as my daily planner and monthly dreams/goals but needed something extra for all this other info.

Since then I've been thinking that this could also be used for items related to family, home, hobbies, upcoming celebrations etc.

Anyway, I hope this helps you develop your own working system for putting all your business ideas etc. in one place in a way that is personal to you and your own style.

Please let me know in the comments, some of your ideas on this topic and what works for you.

Jane x


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