What's on my radar...

As our family continues to be plagued with viruses/infections of one sort or another, I've found it to be even more important than ever to listen out for what my body, heart and soul has needed most.  As energy levels, sleep patterns etc. have been disrupted for what seems like an eternity, it feels good to use my time wisely.

Here is some of what I've been doing...

Below is my newest watercolour entitled 'Fairy Cakes'.  It will be available in my shop shortly.  The daffodils came from our garden and the jug is one of my all time favourites.

fairy cakes complete 24 Mar 2014 12-05.57

I've also been sketching and having fun with the preliminary stages of some commissioned work for a country hotel that is located nearby - more on that another time.

sketch 23 Mar 2014 17-53.10

It was nice catching up with a friend last week and visiting a local tea shop for a good natter.

tea shop 21 Mar 2014 10-56.37

Below are the preparations for dried apple rings - I thought the extra vitamins would be a good addition to our diets at the moment.  Any boost is welcome!

2014-03-03 17.39.35

And of course, I never get tired of looking at flowers especially after a long winter.

2014-03-21 10.53.04

Benjamin is enjoying some time outdoors with bubbles.  Nice to see him slowing getting back to his usual happy and healthy self.

2014-03-22 16.46.14

My coaching sessions are becoming ever more popular and it's such a pleasure offering this service to women who feel they are now ready to fulfil their business or personal dreams at long last.

The 4-week long ecourse, Embrace is very much on my radar at the moment and will be officially starting on Monday, April 22nd.  You can enrol here.  I'm busy preparing art videos, interviews, writing course material and generally getting very excited (and a little nervous) as the date gets nearer and nearer.  This ecourse has very much come out of a desire for myself to 'embrace' life and its ups and downs and to reflect on what helps me and others that I know and then to share that with other women.  Let's face it - life is hectic, often stressful and unless we consciously 'embrace' our life, all too easily we can become consumed by it.

I hope you are well and I sincerely invite you to join us on this ecourse.

Jane x


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