What's Not To Love? - Artist Focus: Viv, Hens Teeth


This is a new series for my blog and one I'm really excited about - 'What's Not To Love?' is my way of sharing what's caught my eye (and heart), together with the 'why' behind the choice. Let's get started! 

For my first installment in this series, let me introduce the very talented Viv from Hens Teeth. I have to say that I have salivated over Viv's work for some time now...

Viv is a designer/maker of small artworks which hopefully bring a smile.  She lives in Staffordshire, UK.

I've noticed that Viv is featured in this month's Period Living magazine in 'The Artisan' section - so, please be sure to buy the mag and read more of Viv there.

Hens Teeth

Hens Teeth

I'm drawn to Viv's work because obviously there is oodles of talent here, she comes over as a lovely person and of course, the items are beautifully made but it goes deeper than that for me.

Hens Teeth

There's a feeling of by-gone days, innocence and simpler times.  I love the honesty, whimsy, naivety and truthfulness of these pieces.

Hens Teeth

I enjoy the idea of up-cycling items such as the tin case above and fabrics etc.

Hen's Teeth

Story-making is always a favourite of mine too and I see plenty of this in Viv's work.

Hens Teeth

Texture is another big love of mine and there's plenty of juicy texture in Hens Teeth with buttons, lace, fabric, stitching etc as well as a harmonious colour palette.

Hens Teeth

I also adore old letters, stamps etc and the way Viv incorporates that into her work as well as words/phrases.

Hens Teeth

The cuffs below are beautiful - I've seen many people create cuffs before but none that I've liked until now!

Hens Teeth

To sum it all up - Viv has captured happiness, my childhood, memories of my Granny and her patchwork quilts, family, caring for others and lastly, love.

Below are various links for exploring Viv's work over at Hens Teeth...  Please take a visit and say 'Hi'.



Etsy Shop


Jane x

Please note: all images have been used with permission by the owner.



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