What do you seek? - art journal practice


In Embrace - falling in love with your life, we often come back to the fundamental question of What do you seek?  It's such a basic question but one I think we often fail to ask ourselves often enough.  We might think about it when making our New Year's resolutions, or upon reaching a notable birthday or occasion but is that often enough?  And are the answers maybe just 'surface needs' rather than deep down spiritual needs. Well today, I've asked myself this question and the great thing is, you can ask yourself this question as often as you need to.  Whenever you feel super disconnected with yourself, ask the question...

So, I got my journal out, some acrylic paint, a pencil, a flower from the garden, a spatula to spread the paint out with and showed up with an open heart.  Below is what I came up with and my process...

art journal - seek

art journal - seek

* spread paint roughly over both sides of the art journal - very haphazard and free!

* added the carnation flower (or whatever flower/object you choose) - very sketchy and loose.

* drew some zig-zags because I liked the idea ;) IMG_0341

* Mia, obviously enthralled, not! (sleeping in the background)

IMG_0344 * Decided to add a hint of colour to my carnations - used water soluble crayons.

Art journal - what do you see?

I seek...

> ...honest conversation.

> ...the light, not the dark.

> ...your story, your truth, my truth.

> ...the stillness within me.

> ...the courage to be all of who I am and need to be.

> ...the part of me that knows 'I'm enough'...

> ...beauty in the simple things, always beauty - because that's where the love is...


I'm hoping this has got you inspired to think about 'what you seek' and I'd love it if you shared your insights, art journal pages or thoughts via my Facebook page or below in the comments (as always).

Have a wonderful week.

Jane xo





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