We do our best

I'm in the process of creating an e-course which will be launching soon (details available shortly) and was loving the momentum that this brought with it.  Then my boys were on the receiving end of a bad cold virus and everything went pear-shaped.  What to do? I've never been very good with accepting interruptions in a laid-back manner or with much grace and aplomb but I do try.  Anyway, here was the lesson before me once again.  It never changes you know - I start by ranting and raving (internally and a little externally) and then eventually getting the message that me fighting the situation isn't going to change a thing.

Just as this was going pretty well, I ended up catching the virus myself (God does have a sense of humour) and now one week later, still have painful sinuses, cough etc.  Ah well, we try our best...

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