Watercolour, words + glimpses into nature

Love my 'wellibobs' - boots in other words MiaEvery morning I walk Mia (see above) after having dropped our boys off at school.  I know it's obvious but I find it amazing how much more we see of the world when we walk. Various This watercolour (below) I've just finished includes some leaves that had dropped from an oak tree I often walk past (above).  (By the way, I read the other day, that oak trees can live for more than 1000 years!)

Underfoot are hundreds of acorns that are in varying stages of decay.  You can't help but walk on them and hear the crunch underneath - I love the sound.

Watercolour - oak leaf + quote

Quote + Oak Leaf

Start of painting

This Autumn I'm finding myself with a surge of energy to de-clutter, reassess my wardrobe, re-arrange things, paint rooms (done two), I've deep cleaned a carpet in our dining room and a need to finalise jobs that have been put aside.

I think it's a sign that I'm getting ready to hunker down if you know what I mean?  You know when you see squirrels rushing about collecting their nuts before hibernating?  Well, I've a yearning to get ready for the Winter season and a desire to get things cosy, nurturing and tranquil - not the nut collecting aspect though.


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