Video + June Monthly Dreams + Goals


Well, hello there June!  It's that time once again to reflect upon the month ahead and then to jot down or draw/collage/photograph our monthly dreams and goals!  I've just completed mine and they are below. In connection with this month, over in my growing little creative community on Facebook, this month's colour focus is yellow and so I've also weaved that in with my June theme below.  By the way, if you'd like to join my Facebook group, you'd be more than welcome and don't forget to share your pages with us!


June yellow


Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.

Al Bernstein


As I'm currently being pulled in so many directions, challenges and serving others, some nourishing time for myself I think will be critical.  Time is limited and so little pockets of 'me time' is on my list for this month; this will include some outdoor sketching, nourishing meals, lots of sleep, drinking more water (especially with fruit/mint/cucumber popped in with it) and some time in the garden.



If you've never followed this practice of focusing on your monthly dreams and goals, then I encourage you to watch my video below - in the video, I share some of my tips and how to's.  In addition, Kimberly Wilson from Tranquility du Jour is a great inspiration for this practice (and many others) - in fact I also use Kimberly's Day Book to capture my dreams in!


Enjoy this second half of this year and I do hope this practice helps you as much as it does me...

Jane xo


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