Trust that the universe is working with YOU and for YOU...


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In life it sometimes becomes apparent that the thing you've been putting off can't wait any longer don't you find?

As I continue with my decluttering, sorting out, cleaning, painting, the going through of 'stuff', I'm feeling liberated.  I've done decluttering in the past but nothing as thorough as this and it feels good.

Finally I've listened to the whispers of my heart, which I interpret to be from God.  The voice has said, sort your home out and the rest will come.  I've been a little slow in acting but finally the message has hit 'home' - sorry for the pun.

I think I've taken my home for granted and let things slide a little.  I've treated its needs as an inconvenience and even been resentful of it.  I've wanted to concentrate on my stuff, family and my work.  Meanwhile, I've missed the point of my home being a h.o.m.e. in the sacred sense of the word.  I'm now taking real pleasure from this space, this time of re-assessing and stepping back.  It's also giving me time to ponder about other things whilst carrying out these tasks and that's also been positive.

I'm only half-way through but know I'm on the right path.  I'm trusting the universe, that is God with me and in what is needed for my life right now.

I feel lighter somehow and I'm sure that this positive energy is going to flow into my artwork.

What about you, are you avoiding anything that is dragging you down or making you feel out of sorts?  Have a little think and maybe put a plan into action and then take baby steps towards completion.  You'll feel lighter too!


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