The Art of Life #3 - Tips / Benefits of Loosening Up With Watercolour



Tips/benefits of loosening up with watercolour

  • Do you ever struggle for inspiration with your artwork?
  • Or, do you sometimes long to paint with abandon after working on a particular tight painting?
  • Perhaps you're salivating at the idea of painting in watercolour but are feeling unsure and perhaps fearful of taking that first step?

Don't fear - in this week’s episode, we’ll explore some ways to use watercolour as a jumping off point, a means of relaxation and exploration, play between painting 'for real' and a way to dabble as a beginner.  I chat about the idea of, just as an athlete warms up prior to competing, so must a creative.

I go on to share various ways of loosening up with watercolour, why and how it can help you and what supplies I'd recommend.

A Mother's Love


Artwork shown above – A Mother's Love - original watercolour by me.

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Art 2 Art - warm up ideas...

loosening up


  - (Click image for more info.) - Just Add Watercolour by Helen Birch.

 - (Click image for more info.) - Paint Yourself Calm by Jean Haines.

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