Thursday: Truth 'n' Dare

Autumn in all it's glory...

Do you ever feel like you are enveloped in a 'fog'?  You feel cut off from 'real living' and you're just keeping your head down and trying to finish the race?  Well, that's how I've felt too.

The 'truth' is that I've been sooooo busy and consumed with business, home and everything else, that I've hardly created any artwork these past weeks or paid attention to the whispers of my heart.  Life has been racing by and I've felt out of sync.

On my walk this morning (see photo above), it struck me that I've been feeling depleted in all sorts of ways and situations and that as I attend to some of the practical issues that are making me feel that way, I'm realising I have to nurture myself in little ways more often.

So, my 'dare' was to do something creative that would fill and light me up.   Nothing too taxing or involved - just acting upon where I was in my life at that precise moment and then taking action (however small).

I know it probably sounds a bit pathetic but I've felt the need to swap my pretty vintage cushions from the dining room to the living room for a while now.  So, I tinkered (love that word) with the cushions and put a pretty throw over the back of the sofa and hey presto - a little creative touch that made my heart sing.

Just a little, teeny tiny act that could be viewed as something or nothing but if it gets us to just stop for one moment and be with the here and now, well, that's a good thing, yes?

So, it's over to you and your 'dare'?


Start where you are.

You don't need lots of time, just a few minutes. 

Don't over-complicate things.

Small acts can make all the difference.

Don't think about it too deeply.

Act with love, intuition and curiosity - then 'go do it'.



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