Technical Blip Alert - Flower Crown Girls - Cancelled!

Sadly, I'm forced to cancel my most recent ecourse - Flower Crown Girls.  

I guess it just wasn't meant to be - unfortunately, around 5+ hours of my video content has developed a fluke fault and the footage will just not play!  This has never happened before, so I'm pretty much floored - so much prepartion, time and care had been put in to creating this class...  

Anyway, onwards and upwards, as they say...

For those of you who have already purchased this class, I am busy refunding you and as a little token of my appreciation for your patience and understanding, the one project that did save (see below), I will offer to ALL subscribers for FREE, just as soon as I can get it edited and uploaded etc. 

Take care everyone and if you'd like the FREE project, please fill in the form below and look out for the FREE project in a week's time approximately.

woman in green dress.jpg

Much love,

Jane x


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