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Instagram + Inspiration Roundup w/e 22/11/15

Inspiration from the internet and snapshots of my week via Instagram.. 

You'll see a mixture of artwork I’ve created and posted, family pics, books I’m reading, inspiration from nature, life musings, quotes, interesting posts, podcasts, videos, resources etc.

instagram inspiration week ending roundup 22/11/15

Firstly, above is a new original watercolour painting entitled 'It's Ewe and Me' that I recently finished and I'm happy to say, it's now over in my new online shop, right here on my website.  For me this painting is about motherhood and the tenderness that evokes (most of the time lol).  It's also about making the most of the here and now, finding beauty and inspiration even where and when you might least expect it and then having gratitude for those moments of grace and pure bliss when everything just seems to flow.

I really must tell you about a podcast I'm listening to from the brilliant teacher, Rob Bell - it's called RobCast.  It's so thought provoking and relevant to all of us, no matter whether you are a God believer, aetheist or anything in between.  He is a fantastic communicator and the way he shares his thoughts on spiritual topics is so inspiring.

Above is his latest podcast that I was listening to today as I was driving back and forth to a meeting this morning.  Let me know what you think...

Oh, one more thing - Rob is offering a free download of his first novel Millones-Cajones (he has written numerous non-fiction books also) which sounds a blast - I've just downloaded mine.  :)

inspiration instagram week ending roundup 22/11/15

Another one of those 'grace filled' moments as I look at my son, listen to the pitter patter of the rain on the car and just absorb the wonder of my child as he eats his satsuma whilst waiting for his little brother to come out of school.

I was also interested in Judy Reeves' post about the evolution of a book because somewhere in me, there is a book screaming to get out (and maybe you too) - I just need a time slot ;)

inspiration Instagram week ending roundup 22/11/15

Another moment of noticing beauty.  I love the contrast of the red berries, the green of the grass in the foreground of the photo against the muted shades of the distant hills with the gritty, rugged feel and look of the stone wall.

Instagram inspiration week ending roundup 22/11/15

A view from the car whilst I was waiting for my husband to finish another hospital appointment regarding his leg from surgery he had in June.

I don't know where I've been that I've somehow missed Lysa TerKeurst.  She's a New York Times bestseller and has written many books with an underlying Christian theme.

She is also a keynote speaker, president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, been on Oprah Winfrey and many other outlets.

Lysa writes a beautiful blog and I just wanted to share that with you - maybe the next time you have a few minutes with a cup of tea, go take a visit...

Instagram inspiration week ending roundup 22/11/15

Above is Mia, our little German Spitz Klein, (that I love sharing on Instagram) enjoying a little drip of tea after having had her breakfast on Sunday morning.  It amazes me how she loves sticking her head in the mug even though it must be dark and cramped - I wonder if she closes her eyes?

So, I'm hoping you are having a good week, have enjoyed a little inspiration and please join me over on Instagram.




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