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Don't Like What's On TV? Sketch, Paint and Doodle, Instead

Don't like what's on tv - sketch, paint and doodle instead (1).jpg

Getting in some creativity when you can

Now that our boys are teenagers and that bit older, they tend to go to bed a little later these days and whilst my husband and I might not always have the same viewing choices as our sons, we do enjoy being together as a family…

paints and painting sketchbook.jpg
The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.
— Dieter F. Uchtdorf

It’s very important to me to spend time with my family and it’s also a lovely way to occasionally get in a little creative time. So, I’ve put together a little cosmetic bag filled with basic art supplies in our living room that includes a Pentel water brush, Pentel pencil, Winsor & Newton watercolour travel kit, paper towel, some markers and an eraser. I work from a Paperchase scrapbook and find that as long as I don’t flood the paper with water, it’s more than fine for my purposes.

As far as inspiration on what to paint, I find keeping a small stash of my favourite magazines or, painting what I see in the moment is so much fun. In fact, some of the flowers I’ve drawn/painted were from a plate I’d eaten a little snack from! In other words, let your surroundings inspire you.

painting watercolour sketchbook.jpg

It’s fun to mix things up a bit - I’ve included floral images, portraits, pattern, text etc.

I wonder what elements you might include? Perhaps symbols or mark making. Anything goes…

flower watercolour.jpg
close up of portrait sketches.jpg

Over to you?

In the comments below, please share if you already create in front of the tv? I’d love to hear how you find it. What supplies do you use and do you find it relaxing?

Keep creating friends…

Jane x


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Creative Enough?


Creative Enough?

There was lots of creative play yesterday as I had the pleasure once again of teaching my painting workshop to a lovely group of women.

getting creative painting workshop

It never ceases to amaze me how many women don't see themselves as creative and yet they pick up a paintbrush laden with paint and voila they come back to themselves.

Does this resonate with you?  

Would you like to paint, draw, sculpt, or perhaps design a new garden layout and yet believe you're not creative enough?

If so, it's time to break through that barrier and just try it anyway.  What's the worst that can happen?  You might have to scrap that version and try again?  That's okay and in fact it's good because it's only in the doing (and the 'happy accidents') that you're ever going to progress.

Yesterday we got curious, blew paint with straws, splattered paint with a toothbrush, collaged, played with colour, set down pools of watercolour onto paper and it was fun.  As well, we were learning about ourselves, what makes us come alive and that we are enough, we are creative.

getting creative painting workshop

Imagine a good friend or perhaps your child having just started playing the piano - you would be encouraging them to play 'in spite of' any wrong keys played because that's how you learn.  They would never get to feel that sense of pure joy when they finally played a piece that has eluded them.

getting creative painting workshop

getting creative painting workshop

So, I don't say any of this this lightly, I say it because I believe wholeheartedly that we are ALL creative and it takes 'just having a go' to remember this truth.

You won't look back, I promise!

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Watercolour Present to Yourself

What to purchase as a watercolour present to yourself this New Year? 

Last week, I had started this post regarding watercolour painting and in particular, my favourite watercolour products.  However, I never finished it because my computer wasn't behaving itself.  So now it's back to cooperating (thank you!), I thought I would change the post from a Christmas gift idea post to a gift you might purchase for yourself in the New Year.  I do hope you enjoy walking through these products with me...

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