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Instant Access: Breathe - A Mixed Media Art Lesson

A new offering - Breathe - mini mixed media art lesson

Breathe - mixed media art lesson Jane Hinchliffe.png

By popular request, I’m excited to share this sweet mixed media art lesson with you that I think you’re going to love. This lesson has instant and lifetime access with downloadable videos.

Let me show you how to create your own miniature portrait on an old book cover and enjoy adding meaningful layers to create a piece that would look beautiful in your home or perhaps given as a gift to a loved one.

Within this mixed media art lesson, learn how to bring your ‘lost treasures’ to life with forgotten jewellery, pieces of lace, broaches, buttons etc. and then combine them with a vintage feel hand painted portrait - reminiscent of miniature portraits from the Victorian period.

close up of portrait.jpg
Breathe - mixed media lesson with Jane Hinchliffe.jpg

Click on the video below to learn a little more about this fun lesson

I hope you’ll join me!

This lesson has originally been shared as part of my year-long class called The Art Of Contentment. If you’re interested in the full class, go here.


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Invited Guests - The Art Of Contentment Online Class

The Art Of Contentment - Meet My Invited Guests

Today, I’m thrilled to share my guest list for my upcoming class entitled The Art Of Contentment that goes live on 1st January 2019. I have 12 amazing women who will be sharing on the topic of ‘contentment’ as creative women living in a busy world. Hear/read/see their insights for living a slower life and finding contentment from within.

You’ll be hearing from successful photographers, artists, coaches, designers and authors - how do they find contentment? I think you’re going to love this - art and soul combined!

The Art Of Contentment - Guests.png

So, without further ado, I’m sharing my guests names and ‘job titles’ in month order, starting with January, so here we go (starting top left):

Invited Guests for The Art Of Contentment.jpg

Michelle GD - Writer and Photographer

Cristina Colli - Artist, Photographer, Writer and Teacher

Michelle Turbide - Artist and Teacher

Sam Martin - UK Artist

Kerstin Martin - Squarespace Educator

Sheila Atchley - Artist, Author and Preacher’s Wife

Sarah Raad - Coach + Business Owner of Simple Happy Life

Lisa York - SuperMum Podcast Host

Renee Mueller - Artist & Online Teacher

Michelle Fletcher of Camels & Couscous - Artist, Explorer, Curator - all things art and travel 

Gabrielle Heckenbucker - Artist

Christianne Squires - Book Coach

Here’s what to expect from the class:

Let’s enjoy 2019 together as we paint through the year with soulful portraits and enjoy contributions from guests (and myself) on their insights for living a slower life and finding contentment from within.

Art helps us to switch off from the pressures of a busy world and enables us to reconnect with ourselves, refocus our priorities and slow down.

How It Will Work:

* Each month, I'll share with you a new and extensive soulful portraiture lesson. We'll be dabbling with various supplies and styles and creating paintings using acrylic, ink, watercolour, pastels, charcoal, collage, gold leaf, perhaps some clay and of course, using basic supplies such as graphite etc.

Along side the art, look forward to being inspired by other creative women and how they find contentment in a busy world. We’ll be hearing from talented artists, photographers, designers, writers and coaches - all with busy lives but with useful tips and heartfelt reflections to help you slow down. (See my amazing guest line up below)!

Make 2019 the year that you reconnect with who you are and what's important. Give yourself this monthly gift and watch how your year blossoms as you immerse yourself in portrait painting, slowing down, finding rest and discovering an inner contentment.

Please note: If you’d like to register, please click the button below (ps. early bird offer will end on 5th December - sale price currently £95 for the entire year)


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New Artwork and Techniques


New Artwork and Techniques

I'm thrilled to share some new artwork that I've recently created.  I'm over the moon with the 'fruits' of recent developing and honing of new techniques.

To draw, you must close your eyes and sing.

- Pablo Picasso

The first new artwork that I wanted to show you is called Awakening and is the culmination of this latter creative journey I've been on I feel.

new artwork

My soul literally soared as I was creating this piece.  It's chock full of everything I love and even though the journey to this outcome was arduous, challenging and pretty ugly at times, I feel I've come through to the other side.

Below is a detail shot of some of the flowers from the top right hand corner.  They are luscious!  Lots of layering of colour, texture and heart.  It's hard to explain because I'm still working through this but it's quite transformative.

new artwork

Art is always transformative if you let it into your heart - either as the artist or the viewer - hopefully both!

new artwork

This next piece is called Faded Beauty and again feels (and is), deeply personal.  My aunt passed away recently and I had her on my mind whilst creating this piece.  There was a combination of feelings but mainly acceptance, peace, special memories and the knowledge that we had loved each other deeply once upon a time.

new artwork

It's like the figure is behind and in front of a sheer curtain simultaneously.  I think that's because I'm thinking of my aunt and though she's not physically here, she is in my heart.

new artwork

The figure is light and dark at the same time and for me that speaks of life in general.  We are surrounded by light and dark, joy and fear, love and hate.  I'm reminded that the Light is always the stronger - the tiniest flicker of a candle will always light up a dark-filled room (or soul).

new artwork

Finally, this next piece entitled Full Bloom was created out of joy!  It's like a last hooray for summer and the beginning of autumn - a celebration of sorts!  All that abundance, colour, energy but at the same time, softness, tenderness and simplicity.

new artwork

In this piece I've employed similar techniques as to the first painting - with layering, acrylic, pastels, mark making etc.

new artwork

I do hope you like these paintings.  Thanks for being here and taking a look at my new artwork.




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