love resides here

Love resides here

At this time of year our attention seems to inevitably be on Christmas looming and all the things on our 'to do list'.  This year though, I'm wanting to also focus on making my home inviting and relaxed for the gathering of friends and family.  My home is certainly no 'show home' but still with a few touches here and there I think it will feel welcoming, loving and cosy.

This new painting that I've just completed is all about this very topic.  It is called 'Love resides here' and is available in my shop.  With a tendency of being a bit of an 'A type' personality, I don't want to get so caught up in the perfection of it all, instead I want to be able to gather friends and family knowing that not only is my home welcoming but my heart too.

Other years, I think I've steered clear of having many friends or family over for fear of my house not living up to their expectations.  Well, not this year...

love resides here By the way, for all my American friends and family, have a wonderful Thanksgiving today.


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