October : dreams + goals


Happy 1st October and it's at the beginning of each month that it's time once again for penning our dreams and goals (as inspired by Kimberly Wilson of Tranquility du Jour).  Please click the links above for the other months in the series.

The sweet calm sunshine of October, now;

Warms the low spot;

upon it's grassy mould;

The purple oak-leaf falls;

the birchen bough;

Drops it's bright spoil like arrow-heads of gold. 

- William Cullen Bryant

october dreams goals

In the photo above I've already torn out an image I love and want to use for October, I've applied some washi tape (which I love) and now I'm set to pen my dreams for this month whilst waiting for a movie to upload for my upcoming ecourse, Delight.

I tend to start by just writing what's on my heart - so my first thought this time around was of gratitude for family, health and doing the work I love and then I started to ponder on my goals for the month.  I added five goals and then moved on to dreams that I would love to bring to reality this month - there's are a few of these.

october dreams and goals

Again, as I always say, I just love, love this process of Kimberly's.  It helps me super focus on the month ahead and check-in with what I had written the previous month too.  Such a simple practice but so profound and practical all at the same time.

I use Kimberly's Day Book but you could adapt this process to most good sized journals or planners etc.

We're having unseasonably good weather at the moment and so that's partly why I chose the quote at the start.  I love how it begins: 'The sweet warm sunshine of October...' - talking of sunshine, there's not been a great deal of sun here but it has been warm.  'Arrow-heads of gold...' also caught my attention - what a lovely description - kinda makes me feel all gooey inside.

I took the two photos below this morning for two reasons.  One, the colours of Autumn/Fall on the first picture make me swoon with delight and the number two, roses on Oct 1 still flowering?  Uh, yes!

october morning

roses in october

Anyway, must dash, I'm off to pick our boys up from school and can you believe it, I'm not wearing socks - yes, it's that mild, I don't need them.  Most unusual but I'm loving it!

Take care and happy 'dreaming' and 'goaling' (no, no such word but hey, ho!)

Jane xo

delight earlybird

Just a quick 'heads up' friends - if you are betwixt and between about whether to enroll for Delight, I encourage you to sign up NOW whilst my 20% off Earlybird offer is still valid.   After the 6th Oct it will revert to £50 (now £40).

Here's just one of the comments about my first ecourse Embrace:

'I loved working through the Embrace e-course. It was a wonderful combination of art and journalling prompts that I can use time and time again. Each week was filled with new and inspiring ways to discover more about myself and my life through words and pictures. And the gentle spiritual element of the projects were delightful'.

- Carolyn Hughes, The Hurt Healer


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August : dreams + goals

Yes, it's that time again folks - time to reflect upon your dreams and goals for this new month of August.  (Here are my dreams for July). August dreams + goals

August dreams and goals

What do you envision for August?

Do you have any specific dreams and/or goals to bring to fruition?  Maybe you just have a particular emotion that you would like to represent this month?  For August, I'm thinking:  nurturing.  Nurturing time for myself but also relishing time with my family and doing activities together that nurture us as a whole.

Come September it will be back to school and a new routine for our oldest son who starts high school and embarks on new adventures, so I really want to make this most of this month.

Thinking about other ideas for August, I came across the image below on Thistledewblog and thought it had some great ideas for drawing in our journals and general creative ideas and thoughts for this month.

August art journalling

August so far has been about slowing down and this feels good.  There's spurts of activity but times of rejuvenation too.  I'm also aware of our boys being too busy and filling each and every minute with some activity (and me too).   I sense that they need repose (just as much as me) and time for reflection and just 'being'.  I've also noticed that when they are able to move beyond boredom and just 'fall into' a new and fun activity, they often have some of their best moments of the day.   I remember that happening when I was a child, don't you?

Back to this month's August page, my last sentence says: May there be spontaneity, childish fun, love and creativity... What might yours say, look or feel?

Jane xo


Receive my 'Heart Letters' & + enjoy optional extras: Free access to the 'Inspiration Library', 20% off online classes, Free prints, art videos + more...