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What if you gave yourself the gift of self expression?

gift of self-expression Wow, I don't know about you, but it's been a busy, busy summer with not a lot of time for creativity and self expression.  Next week our boys return to school (Joseph starts high school - eek), so Summer is nearly over.

I've noticed in amongst the busyness, that when I don't have as much time for self-expression and creativity, whether that be writing in my journal, creating art, using my camera, going for walks in nature or just having a moment in prayer or reflection, I really feel it.  You know, REALLY. FEEL. IT... - and that's if everything's going great! (he, he).

In the making of Embrace, this special inter-connection of beauty, creativity and the world about us, ourselves, loved ones and our dreams really struck home for me.  You know the old adage, you teach what you need to know and I think this was so true for me.

The truth is, when we pour our hearts out in our journal, write a haiku poem, take a selfie, tend our garden, make art, a quilt, cook a special dinner for our families - we're tapping into a part of us that needs expressing.  When it comes from the heart, whatever it may be, is always worthwhile.

Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.


I really don't think 'self-expression' has to sound so scary or 'arty-farty'!

As the above Rumi quote hints at, there are a myriad ways to embrace life and express ourselves.

What would life look like for you if you made time to express yourself regularly?

* Do what calls you in the middle of the night. 
* Do what is on your heart when you find yourself day-dreaming. 
* Do what you're scared to do but know you will be forever changed by - it's important...
So, only you know the key to unlocking these vital pieces of yourself - so come on, don't be afraid, don't put it off - do yourself and the world a favour and 'just do it' as Nike would say - yes, give yourself the gift of self-expression.
We'll love you for it, truly.

Jane x0


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