New artwork + signs of Spring

Oh I do so love this time of year. What a relief to see signs of new life all around. I find myself touching blooming buds, photographing daffodils, looking up at the bluer (sometimes) sky, waking up earlier to lighter mornings, listening to the birds singing and then watching them gather nest material and of course the super cuteness of newborn lambs. It's all so good - the wonder of it all. daffodils and painting

new artwork

In between the celebrating of the arrival of Spring, there has been a lot of (minor) illness in our family recently.  I'm struggling again (just got over the last one a couple of weeks ago) with a nasty cold and the boys have both had stomach upsets and colds too.  It's kind of 'almost' funny that this has been happening just at the same time as I am preparing my ecourse entitled 'Embrace'.  I've had to really focus on the good things and what's working well and then try to push forward knowing that this too will pass but I'd be lying if I said it's been easy, far from it.

As I look around though at all this new life, it reminds me that everything has it's own unique rhythm and that there are ebbs and flows naturally in life - as with the seasons there is a time of blooming (Spring/Summer) and a time of quiet (Winter).  This simple realisation has given me comfort and renewed my deep sense of knowing and trust, that things will work out just as they are meant to and in the meantime, I need to, well, just embrace it all.

I do hope you're well and enjoying the first signs of Spring or Autumn (depending on where you are).

In the meantime, I've listed some new paintings (snippets of the paintings above) in my Etsy shop - please take a peek and I hope you like them.

By the way, the flowers below have just arrived this morning from my Mum - thanks for the get well wishes and I just love these hydrangeas.  Love you Mum!


Jane x


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A New Year Catch Up

Christmas was a nice combination of busy time with friends and family, combined with down time and lots of sleep ins. I think we will find it hard adjusting to getting up early (in the dark) and the usual routine of things but we'll get there.

Of course, painting doesn't stop and I just wanted to show you my first of 2014. It is entitled House on the hill... It will be in my etsy shop shortly.

House on the hill - original on boxed canvas

I worked on this painting on New Year's Eve for most of the day and early evening and then again on New Year's Day in the morning before hubby and I took some time to be together in the afternoon.

I love the bright colours but at the same time it has a peaceful, mellow feel to it.  Rolling fields are always very much in my mind living here in North Yorkshire (UK).  My son often comments that they look like God has stretched out a patchwork blanket across the landscape and it really does feel like that.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2014.

Jane x


Receive my 'Heart Letters' & + enjoy optional extras: Free access to the 'Inspiration Library', 20% off online classes, Free prints, art videos + more...