Feeling Blessed 48 Hour SALE!

Hello Lovely Readers,

I hope you're all having a wonderful week and for those of you in the States - Happy Thanksgiving! 

I'm thrilled to announce a 'Feeling Blessed' 48 hour sale! Head over here to receive 25% off BOTH ecourses - Portraits In Time and Fragments Of Joy.  

Please enter: FEELINGBLESSED at checkout to receive your discount on either art class.

Here's to happy creating this winter season!

Note: For both classes, enjoy instant access with lifetime duration.  Enjoy some time 'just for you' this winter season - a time of year that brings with it so much joy but also busyness, which can soon take it's toll without some nurturing and creative 'time out'.

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Earlybird Offer: Celebrate your life with 'Delight'


I'm coming to you as one super excited lady!  The filming of my new ecourse Delight is going superbly and I'm loving how everything is coming together.  Enrollments are coming in now and YOU can go here if you would like to sign up too!

Please take advantage of the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT code of 20% off    (£10 off) only available until 6th October if you click here.  

The ecourse is held on my personal website and will be available from Monday, 20 October 2014.

Delight - the ecourse...

delight ecourse pic

I chose the word Delight because for me it conjures up delicious memories of my childhood playing with glitter, baking with my Mum or Granny, adventures in nature, glue and paint splattered hands, playing 'tea parties' with my teddies and making rose water perfume from freshly picked flowers from the garden.


So, really you could say I'm on a mission to bring some of that and so much more into our all to often over-scheduled, stressful and chaotic lives today.  As women/Mums/Wives etc. with multi-responsibilities, working many hours outside or inside the home, we must claim some time for us.  For our own sense of freedom, exploration, release, self-discovery and well-being it's vital to give ourselves this gift of Delight.  By doing so, we open the door to numerous gifts that are literally waiting for us.

delight and painting

I have this image of delight - it's that feeling of running as a child with the wind swirling about your hair, your coat above your head and feeling that any moment the wind will sweep you up and you'll  fly.  Giggles rise up and squeals of delight burst forth as you catch the eye of your friend - both of you together with pink rosy cheeks - you collapse into each others arms laughing...

boys and delight

take time for delight



Here's a little glimpse...

* 'Playing' exercises with watercolour and acrylic paint - no getting it 'wrong', just play and delight.

delight watercolour tree

* Having fun with collage - we'll be making a painted 3d box (the end result is gorgeous to display as a little 'altar' piece).

delight box

* We'll be making a simple little journal that celebrates who we are and our lives using the artwork we'll create.

* Let's get raw and messy - art journaling with emotion, feeling and self-discovery.

* Pressing flowers or leaves (since it's that time of year for many of us) and incorporating our treasures into a mixed media piece.

* Using photos in artwork. 


And so much more - all with video instruction, happy accidents along the way and a whole lot of Delight (of course)!

You will encounter Delight as you feel and witness vibrant colour moving across the page as if by magic.  Colours blending, feelings translated onto paper, no anxiety, no rushing, just play.  It's a beautiful thing - this gift we all possess if we just unlock it.

So, try it - you might just be 'Delighted'!

Jane xo


Please feel free to share this post AND EARLYBIRD OFFER with other women who you feel may be interested in some Delight in their lives.  They'll thank you for it... ;)


A little about me...

IMG_1120I'm a mixed media artist who lives in the UK with my hubby, Robert of 12 years and our two boys ages 11 and 9. 

Most days I can be found at our kitchen table with a cup of milky tea, our little dog Mia by my side and a whole lot of paints, brushes, too many ideas in my head and a whole lot of love in my heart. 

When I'm not painting, you may find me outdoors walking Mia and chatting to other dog owners or even peeking over fences and 'conversing' with sheep, cows or horses (yes, I am that nutty!).

I love being silly with our boys, reading soulful books, being part of our church community, having meaningful chats with friends, visiting new places and embracing life the best I can.

Some of my artwork has been licensed worldwide.  I offer online creativity one-to-one sessions for small business owners or women wishing to cultivate a creative life.  I sell my artwork to an international clientele.  My first ecourse is entitled Embrace



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Delight - a sneak peek into my journal

delight ecourse pic

Would you like to join me in celebrating YOUR life this Summer? 

So, here's a little sneak peek at my art journal! I'm loving exploring 'Delight' using mixed media and other juicy ideas for discovery.  In the example shown, I've handwritten various things about life that bring me delight such as birdsong, a glass of wine out on the patio on a warm Summer's evening, family picnics etc.

delight ecourse

delight journal page 13 Jun 2014 09-54

Delight - the dictionary definition is: pleasure, joy, satisfaction, happiness, ecstasy.

We all have far too much to do these days with various of stresses and strains but you know sometimes, having a look at our lives and the many things that delight us can magically transform us and leave us feeling uplifted, renewed and grateful for what we DO have and also more equipped to deal with the here and now.

Also, these days I find I'm really curious about my childhood, special days like my wedding day [sigh] and the birth of our children - 'my boys' [aww]...  However, it's not just the 'once in a lifetime' things I remembering, it's also the everyday happenings that touch my heart and it feels wonderful to be able to capture snippets of my life past and present in a way that feels creative, meaningful, inspiring and playful.

More information and registration details.

Have a wonderful weekend...


delight art ecourse

Enrolling NOW - Begins: 1st August

This self-paced ecourse is all about celebrating your life and taking ‘Delight‘ in little things – happy childhood memories, joyful times with family, inspiring moments in nature etc.

I’ll be sharing with you my favourite tips and tricks as well as the basics of ‘art‘ and ‘journalling‘, along with flower pressing, out ‘n’ about sketching from life, journal prompts, collage how to’s, some self-portraiture using our cameras and creating some whimsical and primitive styled ‘women/girls’.

This ecourse is ideal for beginners and anyone else who enjoys making space in their life for creativity, play and whimsy!


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Being Vulnerable and 'New Life'

Feeling vulnerable is not a very nice emotion and often it rears its ugly head just when we you are trying to bring to life something that is truly important to you...

I breathe your name... - journal piece from Delight Art Ecourse

That's what's happening to me at the moment folks and it's super yuck!  One minute I'm forging ahead, the next minute I'm wanting to retreat - does any of this sound familiar to you too?  Part of me is so confident that it will work out but there's that nagging doubt all the same that tells me different and it just depends what sort of mood I'm in as to which voice I will listen to.

I do know that it's at these times that I need to stay as rested as possible and to look after myself with extra sensitivity but that's often easier said than done.  For instance, last Monday I was so busy, busy with 100 tasks at a time, that I forgot about lunch until I was really hungry and instead of stopping earlier and making myself something healthy, I ate too many Bacon Rasher crisps (well I DID like them - it's put me off now, lol) and felt yuck after.  Then I ended up getting a really bad tummy ache and had to lie down for a little while which in turn stressed me out more because of all the things I needed to be doing!!! Agh.

When you put so much of yourself out into the world it takes resilience, patience and a deep inner confidence or knowing to see it through.  Then I get into the 'comparing' mindset of other business owners like myself and boy, does everything go down hill rapidly from there...

The other thing is that my 10 year old (soon to be 11) will be finishing his last year of primary school in July and heading to high school in September.  It feels a really big deal and I have some stuff to work through with all that I think.  That's for another day Friends.

Anyhoo, I was walking Mia this morning and thinking about all this stuff and suddenly found the empty eggs shells (that you see in a couple of these photos)...

egg shell

Mia dog - such a cute profile

It really struck me that sometimes you have to 'shake off your shell' and even though you feel as vulnerable as a newborn tiny chick, you still have to do it.

So, I've kept right on and put out my new art ecourse Delight and opened up enrollment for the second session of Embrace because I care so deeply about helping others find their creative calling in a way that feels right for them so as to capture the highs and lows of this crazy life.  To make sense of what is on their heart, to grieve for the low points and celebrate the high points because life is a combination of all of that and so much more.

I could easily be the rabbit that freezes in the car's headlights (and sometimes I totally am that rabbit) but something keeps pushing me to carry on.  Call it God (I do), my soul, Spirit or whatever but sometimes (well often), I feel like I'm carried on the back of this benevolent, loving force and I'm given the strength, courage and conviction to carry on when I think I can't go any further.

You have my heart - journal page from Delight Art Ecourse

Yes - those little egg shells really resonated with me this morning - maybe seems a little silly now [blush] but it just made sense to me and I hope you?  Feeling vulnerable is part of life and it's not a reason to stop - in fact it means you're on to something because it's your head's way of saying to tread carefully because there is so much at stake.  Well, yes - I don't plan on stepping on any egg shells - I'll just tiptoe through them and notice their beauty at the same time.

If you're experiencing any of this as a small business owner, please share in the comments or drop me a email - I'd love to hear from you.

Oh, yes - I've re-started doing short podcasts that you can listen to via audio - kind of breaks things up for you if you are an auditory girl or just fancy the change of media (so to speak - ha, ha).  Anyway, click here to listen.  You can also 'follow' the posts, 'like' and comment - so please stop by and visit me.



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Delight - NEW Art Ecourse!

I've enjoyed teaching 'Embrace' so much, that I am so excited to be now offering another ecourse called 'Delight'.  This will be a painting and art journalling self-paced ecourse predominantly, where you will be creating whimsical and joyful pieces in your journal or making an art 'book' based on this theme of Delight.  Yay!!! delight ecourse small button pic


For me, there are so many times in my life that I feel Delight.  Whether it be a happy memory I'm recalling from my childhood, a beautiful and inspiring dream, something special and touching that's taken place with my boys or husband, a special event or occasion or simply observing nature on a Spring day - whatever it may be, I want to help you capture that feeling in a way that feels authentic to you and then help you translate that image onto paper so that you can come back to it time and time again - reliving that happy time with Delight.


delight ecourse collage pic


I always love incorporating other aspects of myself and my personality, so on this ecourse I'll be sharing my knowledge of aromatherapy (I'm a qualified Aromatherapist) and in particular how I use essential oils whilst painting and creating.

There will be journal prompts to get your mind humming with lots of lovely ideas for your artwork and relaxation tips to help get you ready for 'zen-like' painting and lots of play, spontaneity and Delight!

I also discuss ideas for ignoring and ultimately putting aside your inner critic (party spoiler!).  Why spoil the fun?

Life wouldn't be the same without a few 'selfies' added to the mix using our cameras out in the great outdoors.  Then, I'll show you how to include your favourite pics in a painting.

Learn the basics of sketching outdoors and flower pressing.

As a bonus feature, I'm including a how-to video on making your own affirmation cards using watercolour paint - they'd be lovely to give as a gift to a dear friend or to keep them for yourself.

So, I do hope you join me and registration is now open.  The price is £35 - really good value.

Please follow this link for Delight if you'd like to learn more...



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Ecourse update + Louise Gale

I'm really enjoying bringing together Embrace, my new ecourse (starting Monday, 21 April).   It's proving to be a lot of work but so worthwhile on many, many levels.  Inevitably, there's been some teething issues but I'm slowly working through those.  Mainly though, I'm just so excited about all of it and the possibilities this has opened up for me. Yesterday, I interviewed the lovely Louise Gale for my ecourse and we talked about how she 'embraces' life and in particular how she finds inspiration from nature and her practice of creating mandalas.  What an inspiration she is! Screen Shot

The boys are off school for Easter now, so it's gentler mornings, day trips, family walks and snatching time here and there for my work.




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