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Spring Into Your Creativity Tips + Daffodils


Spring Into Your Creativity

So are you ready to answer the call and spring into your creativity - I certainly am.  I'm always so happy to come out the other side of winter.

Don't you just relish the realisation that Spring has finally 'sprung'?  It always brings me such joy and renewed love for nature and all things new and bright.

It feels fantastic to be able to dust off the old cobwebs and get out into the fresh air and feel that warm embrace of a little bit of sunshine on my back, well, in between the rain and some fleeting sleet/snow. I adore seeing colour sprouting up here, there and everywhere.

It's like the daffodils, crocuses and soon to be tulips, flower each year but it always feels like the first time - don't you find that too?

Spring into your creativity
Spring into your creativity

We had a little snow this week but that's not stopping me from being inspired by the bright yellow, purples and oranges of the crocuses, not to forget the spring lambs of course.  How about you, what do you love best about Spring (or Autumn if you're on the other side of the world?).

daffodils - spring into your creativity
daffodils - spring into your creativity

For me, it's almost like there's a different light even and whilst I might be noticing cobwebs and dust more, I'm soaking up the new season with all I've got.

Fairy Cakes and Daffodils - Spring into your creativity
Fairy Cakes and Daffodils - Spring into your creativity

I've been snipping daffodils that have succumbed to the wind and rain and gazing at them whilst I wash dirty pans at the kitchen sink.  I have them sitting in a pretty pink vase and the pleasure I get from just having them there is such a blessing.  What could you do that brings you joy this Spring?

Spring into your creativity
Spring into your creativity
daffodils - Spring into your creativity
daffodils - Spring into your creativity
Spring into your creativity
Spring into your creativity

I've been looking at some other daffodil themed art that I adore too - I'm always interested in art history. Some of you might have seen some of these pieces of artwork already but hopefully they will bring a touch of beauty to your day.

Berth Morisot. Spring into your creativity
Berth Morisot. Spring into your creativity
Spring into your creativity.
Spring into your creativity.
Daffodils, William Henry Margetson. Spring into your creativity
Daffodils, William Henry Margetson. Spring into your creativity
Spring into your creativity
Spring into your creativity

So, if you're wanting to shrug off the winter blues, here are some suggestions, starting off points for 'springing' into your creativity:

    1. Nature - like I've been saying, there's so much blooming at the moment, why not start by picking a daffodil and sketch it.
    2. Take a walk and stop and listen to the birds singing, a stream flowing or notice fast moving clouds skimming over your head - perhaps this could inspire you to write a poem, write in your journal or create an abstract art piece.
    3. Put on a piece of music and paint your response to it using only your intuition.
    4. Take your pencil 'for a walk' and draw something that inspires you.  Draw without lifting your pencil/pen off the paper - this is called continuous line drawing (see the video below).

5. Look out of a window and paint what the sky looks like and then pick various points in the day to paint the differences - you'll be surprised as to just how much your view does change.

6. Use colour to describe how you're feeling.

7. Paint with a child and just. let. go.

8. Make a Spring inspired collage using some photos or magazine images.

9. Prepare a meal that consists of lots of colour and relish the health benefits for your body.

10. Wake up early and watch the sunrise.

11. Take a bike ride, fly a kite or grab a blanket, lie down and watch the stars.

Oh and in case the above suggestions aren't doing it for you, here is a blog post by the highly talented and likeable, Emily P Freeman entitled, 8 Things Whole-Hearted Creative Women Do Differently.

However you choose to spring into your creativity, may it enable you to be your wonderful, true self.  I do hope this season finds you feeling invigorated, inspired and rejuvenated.

Lastly, this weekend it's Mothers Day in the UK, so for all you mothers, have a beautiful day.

Much love,

PS. I have a couple spots left on my upcoming Spring painting workshop of 6th April - please click for more info. or to book a place.  We'll get to shake off the cobwebs of winter together and welcome in Spring.


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5 Superpowers Of Drawing - #7 The Art Of Life Podcast



5 Superpowers Of Drawing

Are you feeling exhausted, depleted and run down?

We're into the New Year now and our energy levels can feel a bit lack lustre.  On the one hand we are desperate to shake ourselves up at forge ahead but at the same time, we are just so... tired... Do you know what I mean?

Do not fail, as you go on, to

draw something every day, for no matter how

little it is, it will be well worthwhile, and it will

do you a world of good.

- Cennino Cennini (c1370-c1440)

Yesterday, our boys went back to school after the Christmas break and to say I was tired was an understatement.  Case in point, I went to butter some toast at breakfast time and put my knife into the dog food!

superpowers of drawing

Well, today on the podcast, I'm chatting about the superpowers of drawing.  You might not have thought there were any superpowers associated with drawing but I'm going to share just 5 of them.

painting out the pain

I didn't mention this in the podcast, but the image above (one of many) was created just after my beloved father in law passed away.  Creating this way helped me tend to emotions that were reeling around inside and outside of me. Of course, it didn't help the pain go away but instead gave me a way to help express some of what I was feeling which was such a blessing.

I do hope you enjoy today's podcast and please let me know what benefits you see in your life from drawing/painting/creating - I'd love to hear from you.


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Brain benefits of art making article.

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Ecourses are so much fun!

Taking ecourses has to be one of life's great pleasures - they are just so much fun!  If you haven't had an opportunity to take an ecourse, you really must.  I find it just amazing that with modern day technology (and as long as you have an internet connection), that everyone and anyone can learn something new in the comfort of their own home at a pace that suits their lifestyle and their interests.  What's not to like? :) So, in between writing and filming content for Delight, I've also been taking an ecourse entitled Co-Lab- Paint, Paper + Iphoneography Magic with the multi-talented Alena Hennessy and Susan Tuttle.  It's been such a great experience with oodles of delicious inspiration, enthusiasm, ideas and generous hearted souls.

Whilst I haven't had much time to experiment (thus far), I did manage to work on some backgrounds inspired by Alena's techniques.  I shall be adding a foreground - painted/drawn elements to these babies when I get the time but I just thought I would share what I've done so far.

ecourses are fun background

art background

painted background

Again, I've done a little experimenting with some of Susan's projects and below are two examples.  For those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know that I love taking photographs and whilst I have dabbled a little previously, Susan has opened up a whole new world for me which I'm just so grateful and excited about!  So lots to explore for the future...

Susan Tuttle inspired

Susan Tuttle inspired

So for now, ta ta!

Jane ox

delight watercolour tree

PS. If this has inspired you to delve into one of my ecourses, take a look and just try one!  You're gonna love it.

Delight - Art n play - starting Monday but available at anytime, anywhere and for anyone! :)

Embrace - Art n journal - available now!  Can also be purchased at any time.



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What do you seek? - art journal practice


In Embrace - falling in love with your life, we often come back to the fundamental question of What do you seek?  It's such a basic question but one I think we often fail to ask ourselves often enough.  We might think about it when making our New Year's resolutions, or upon reaching a notable birthday or occasion but is that often enough?  And are the answers maybe just 'surface needs' rather than deep down spiritual needs. Well today, I've asked myself this question and the great thing is, you can ask yourself this question as often as you need to.  Whenever you feel super disconnected with yourself, ask the question...

So, I got my journal out, some acrylic paint, a pencil, a flower from the garden, a spatula to spread the paint out with and showed up with an open heart.  Below is what I came up with and my process...

art journal - seek

art journal - seek

* spread paint roughly over both sides of the art journal - very haphazard and free!

* added the carnation flower (or whatever flower/object you choose) - very sketchy and loose.

* drew some zig-zags because I liked the idea ;) IMG_0341

* Mia, obviously enthralled, not! (sleeping in the background)

IMG_0344 * Decided to add a hint of colour to my carnations - used water soluble crayons.

Art journal - what do you see?

I seek...

> ...honest conversation.

> ...the light, not the dark.

> ...your story, your truth, my truth.

> ...the stillness within me.

> ...the courage to be all of who I am and need to be.

> ...the part of me that knows 'I'm enough'...

> in the simple things, always beauty - because that's where the love is...


I'm hoping this has got you inspired to think about 'what you seek' and I'd love it if you shared your insights, art journal pages or thoughts via my Facebook page or below in the comments (as always).

Have a wonderful week.

Jane xo





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It's completed - commissioned painting!

As you may know, for the past five weeks or so, I've been working on a very large (biggest canvas you can buy without it being specially made) commissioned painting for Grassfield Hall - a luxury bed and breakfast which opens its doors to customers for the first time today with owners Lisa and Alex Homer.painting

It's been quite the process and now it feels like I'm letting 'my baby' go out into the big wide world.  This weekend the room (one of many) will be fully functioning with guests arriving.

So, without further ado - here it is!

grassfield hall above bed

Here's another...

photo 2

Can you see the flowers in the middle of the painting reflect the shapes from the cushions (blinds etc)?  The painting also comprises of three photos of Grassfield Hall which have been incorporated using mixed media.  The flowers featuring on the bottom right hand corner, were the rhododendrons that were flowering when I first got underway in the beginning of June.  The pale blue background colour is again from the textile print as are the other colours.

Lisa is having the painting and other rooms, property etc. professionally photographed by Emma Hammond (who has photographed my artwork for licensing on products in the USA/Worldwide.  Also, Lisa has been interviewed by the local newspaper and so the article, together with photos will be published shortly.


DSC_0008 DSC_0006




I so enjoyed this challenge and really appreciate everyone's kind comments and encouragement.  I'm looking forward to more artwork in the pipeline and wish much success for Grassfield Hall's owners and family.

Jane x


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July : dreams + goals


I can't believe we're in July already! Last month I shared my journal page for June and thought it would be fun to make this a regular 'slot' for my blog.  If you're wondering what I'm using to 'house' these monthly dreams, it's the Tranquility du Jour Day Book by Kimberly Wilson - I love it!

Anyway, when I look at my July journal spread, I can see I've chosen summer colours and perhaps have been inclined to add yellow due to the Le Tour de France taking place round here for the next couple of days (see my last post).

I tend to grab things from my 'scraps basket' that draw my attention and that also reflect how I would like to feel - whether that may be an image, a colour, words etc.

I find that the process really helps me get clear about my priorities for that month and just gets me thinking how to organise the month in order to make the best of it without compromising myself and the things that need to get done as well as enjoying some self-nurturing time.

How I created my July dreams + goals

Back to the spread - I've also added tissue paper, washi paper, a magazine illustration from Daphne's Diary (my current favourite magazine), a pressed dried flower, little snippet of wallpaper and a couple vintage inspired labels.

july dreams 2

The words I've added say:

There's lots happening this month but I plan to spend quality relaxing time too!  I see time sketching, longer walks (with Mia), the beginning of the school holiday's and sleep ins. 

I want to savour my days instead of seeing them rush by in a blur.

Yes, time to savour...

july dreams 3

I added more words to a blank page in my journal - just to go a little deeper and explore a little further.

july dreams

So many activities are happening at school (never mind business, home, friends, family etc) such as sports day, leavers assembly for those going to high school (including Joseph - yikes!), school trips, kayaking for the year 6's, parents evening, two high school transition days for Joseph and all the other year 7's and then a follow up meeting for the parents that evening.

Next Sunday we are celebrating another year of 'young church' and then continuing the celebrations with a bbq that a family is very kindly hosting for us all.

Joseph will be eleven in less than two weeks and on the same day he will be leaving for his second school residential.

With my calendar already looking quite full, I'm aware that I want to enjoy all the activities coming up but at the same time I want to savour some down time too.  I think putting this spread together has helped me realise that I'm going to have to work at balancing this month out a little, otherwise it's going to fly by and meanwhile, I'll be exhausted.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, just gather some magazine images, discarded bits of envelope, stamps, wrapping paper etc. and make your own.  Let me know how it goes for you or by all means post your spread over on my Facebook page.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend and happy July!

Love Jane xo


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