art plaques

Bright + Cheerful Art Plaques - originals


When we were on holiday last month, I came across these cute blank, circular panels or plaques and decided to create some original artwork upon them - I thought they'd look really cute hung up on an old dresser, desk or French armoire for example.  Just really versatile - kind of like an one-of-a-kind 'art' hanging ornament. art plaques

They have a bit of a shabby chic vibe (which I love) about them and each feature a different flower.  There is a rose (an all-time favourite for me), an anemone and the cottage garden hollyhock - I saw some lovely ones at Harewood House last weekend.

These are some of my favourite summer flowers and since my mind is preoccupied with flowers and making the most of this last bit of summer, it seemed natural to use them as my inspiration.

signed art plaques

They are signed on the front and back - so, a colourful and totally original piece of artwork on a small plaque!  I think they look pretty on their own but equally would like nice as a set.  I'll pop them into my shop, if you are interested in seeing more details.

detail view rose plaque anemone art plaque

rose art plaque

I've really enjoyed the process and thinking happy thoughts throughout.  I also painted the side rim and think this adds a nice added dimension to the pieces.

side view art plaques

This last photo is of Joseph 'smelling the roses' - well, actually sunflowers!  By the way, thank you everyone for all your best wishes for Joseph starting high school this week - it means a lot to us.

Joseph smelling the roses!

I hope you are well and relishing this last bit of summer or, if you're in the northern hemisphere, enjoying spring!

Take care.

Jane xo



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