Start Where You Are + Some Sketches

I'm discovering new ways of being at the moment.  

Drawing is the changing point from the invisible powers to the visible thing...
— Joseph Beuys


Now that I've got my studio set up, I'm slowing finding new ways of working; with all my supplies at hand (which is such a joy) and enjoying the luxury of having a dedicated space to make art. 

It's funny, I've waited so long for this to happen, that I don't know quite where to start, so I'm paying attention to what is on my heart and trying to do more of that.  Don't get me wrong, I've got many ideas, probably too many, so I'm taking my own advice (hence the title of this blog post) and starting right where I am now and that means sketching.

So, here we are - quite a mixed bunch of sketches but I'm enjoying every minute. 

The first sketch is from a photo on Pinterest of an English Edwardian actress called Lily Elsie. Apparently, she was quite famous at the time and I was just struck with her beauty and poise - something about her expression that resonates - not sure in what way but drawing her, makes it clearer somehow and sheds a light on something of myself.  

Next is a sketch of Helen Mirren, one of my favourite English actresses taken from a magazine I'd been reading.  As an aside, I saw her in a film recently called Woman In Gold.  Below is a short extract from the film:

The next two girls are inspired from photos and done in pencil.

The last 3 images are the same girl and taken from a clothes catalogue from Gudren Sjoden - (great clothes, by the way).  This girl was rendered in charcoal and you can see her progress.  I couldn't resist adding the colourful flowers in her hair.

So, there we have it.  What have you been creating lately?  Sometimes, it's necessary to start and by starting, you'll know where you are, in time...  

Keep creating.

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