So long 2015, Hello 2016!


I hope this year has been good to you dear friends as we say 'So long 2015 and Hello 2016'!

Lovely friends, I hope you've had a magical Christmas and will enjoy the New Year however you plan to celebrate!

so long 2015

I always find it exciting to welcome in another year.  I love to think think about my priorities for the year ahead - what's important to me, my goals, dreams and really, just have a jolly good think across my life as a whole - you know, business, family and personal etc.  It's a re-assessment of my life basically.

Possibly tomorrow or New Year's Day, I'll start filling in my new TDJ Daybook, making some tabs for each month and literally putting my mark and personality on this delightful planner, together with my 2016 calendar.  This year I've purchased the calendar that you see below - The Reading Woman and I just can't wait to start using it 'for real' - yes, calendars are really that important to me!

so long 2015

Talking about 2015 ending, I found my top nine posts on Instagram #2015bestnine and below are the images that made it to the top.  I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support, encouragement and just genuine friendship - it truly warms my heart.

Below, you'll see quite a varying selection including; watercolour artwork, a sketchbook exploration (top right), the first of the Autumn leaves, a digital painting just for fun (bottom left) inspired by Ivy Newport and her Mobile Art Magic class.  Then, another sketchbook piece reflecting my emotions surrounding the tragic circumstances of Paris (bottom right) and lastly, some red berries spotted whilst waiting for my husband on one of his many visits to the hospital this year regarding his ongoing leg surgery.

so long 2015

Below is a piece I just created in my sketchbook last night using charcoal and I think this could be a new favourite medium to explore - btw, I used Derwent XL Charcoal Blocks.

so long 2015

Lastly, I've just finished the book below, Timeless Simplicity by John Lane (I can't recommend it enough) and it's made a real impact and got me thinking.  Hence, my word for 2016 will be 'simplicity', in large part due to the sad passing of my father in law and the fact that I'm very conscious that I wish to use my time with an increased reverence and gratitude because you never know what's around the corner...

so long 2015

Take care everyone as we collectively say: 'So long 2015 and Hello 2016'...


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