September theme colour - Purple


purple September over in my Creativity Circle, has been a 'purple' kinda month.  We've shared purple exterior front doors, artwork, flowers, sketches, abstract images from everyday items like a purple water bottle or piece of glass, video footage of a chamelon changing colour, a favourite piece of china, a bird (yes, photoshopped but oh so beautiful), a cat and lots of other goodies...


'...a symphony of song and colour....'

Isaiah 35:2 Msg.


I love the above words quoted from Isaiah and believe that colour (and song) can be just like a symphony, straight to the heart.


We know that colour changes our emotions and stirs up or calms down our energy levels.  It helps us communicate ie. traffic lights - red/green.  Colour can affect our appetite - did you know orange makes you feel more hungry - hello Sainsbury's?  Pharmaceutical companies are even on the band wagon with colour.  Our sense of smell is also affected by colour, as well as our blood pressure!


However, how often do we ever really look and appreciate the array of colour that surround us?  You'll be surprised how much of it we take for granted.


It's strange to think that once upon a time our ancestors would never have seen the colour purple and that now it features in many places, thank goodness.


Above, I created a watercolour sketch of a thistle I found on a walk - it doesn't have to be an exact rendition, put your heart into it...


This month I created a double page of 'purple' based upon things I'd found here and there like ribbon, a colour swatch, pens/paint/crayon, a 'purple' quote, magazine images and foliage collected on a walk etc.  This idea was suggested by a member of the group and really, it's been so much fun...  Why not give it a go yourself and perhaps join our Group to 'play' along if you'd like company?



I hadn't read or heard the quote from Rudyard Kipling before but knew I must make a note of it and include it in my purple treasure trove.

He wrapped himself in quotations - as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.

- Rudyard Kipling


So, as you can see, it's really easy to incorporate an eagerness to appreciate colour in your everday.  Here are some ideas if you'd like to do the same:

- Pick a colour every month and really focus on it.

- Try to wear your chosen colour and see how it makes you feel.

- Include your chosen colour in a journal spread (like mine above), buy a cushion, pick a flower or pick up a paint swatch. 

- Knit, sew, paint, sketch or even cook ie. make purple icing.

- Explore your feelings in a poem regarding a particular colour.

- Create your own Pinterest board focusing on colour.

Take care.




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