September : dreams + goals


Yep, just like that it's now September and that means its also time for reviewing our monthly dreams and goals for this month (and reflecting on the previous).

Everything starts as somebody's daydream...

- Larry Niven


This practice really gets me clear about how I want to feel this month, what practical tasks I would like to complete and any emotional or spiritual needs I may have.  It also gets me thinking about colour, seasons, nature and enables me to have some key focus areas on my life rather than letting the time just 'run away' from me.

Yep, there's nothing like getting the old glue stick out, my journal, some inspiring mags, washi tape, markers etc. and all the while I slowly begin to feel some of the answers to my questions made clear.

Oh and incidentally, September comes from the word 'Septem', the 7th month of the Roman calendar.  The Saxons used to call this month the 'harvest month' and I think the farmers around here would attest to that if all the tractors around loaded with hay are anything to go by.

"By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer." -   Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885

Without further ado, my journal spread is below!

September monthly dreams goals

It never ceases to amaze me, that if I just use my intuition when choosing the images, how it seems to make perfect sense - to me anyway - lol!  For instance, the words 'A fresh start' - this caught my eye because our 11 year old just started high school today and so, it is literally a fresh start.


I've chosen the image of the blackberries and apples because well, it's that time of year for them.

monthly dreams goals september

The picture of the roses resonated because I want to remember their beauty and soon the weather will change and their blooms will disappear outside.

roses monthly dreams

Thistle heads are amazing and I chose them because they always remind me of summer's end.  The flower at the top caught my eye I think because the colour looks a bit autumnal and there's an image of a chalk board just below the flower and well that's reminding me of school and perhaps my days there too.  Oh and I couldn't resist adding a red star for Joseph and his first day!  :)

september dreams goals

At the top of the page you can see the links to the other months in this series, so please take a look.  If you feel you would like to share your journal spread, then please go on over to my Facebook page and post it there - I'd really love to see it.


Here are some suggestions if you would like to start this monthly practice for yourself

* don't complicate it - decide whether you will include images (either from magazines or your own creations) or just words.  You could even vary it each month depending upon your mood - all I'm saying is giving yourself some freedom to change things about should you wish.

* go with your intuition and don't over think the process - have fun with it.

* try to look at your monthly page regularly to 'check in' with yourself and the dreams and goals you wrote down.

* allow yourself a little reflection time so that you can clearly and accurately clarify your dreams and goals.

* don't forget to spend a little time looking at the previous month's goals and dreams and tweak this month's accordingly if need be.


I'll leave you with these two questions:

- 'What is important to you for this month?' 

- 'How might you fulfill this need?'


Take care.

Jane xo







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