September 2016 Monthly Dreams and Goals


September 2016 - Monthly Dreams and Goals 

Hello, September 2016 - its the end of summer here in the northern hemisphere (lucky you if you're in the southern hemisphere) and new beginnings are afoot in our family, kind of like last September. "What about you?  Fancy creating your own September 2016 dreams/goals?

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

- Albert Camus September 2016 monthly dreams goals

If like me, change is in the air for you this month, putting together monthly dreams and goals for September 2016 might just help you clarify what's on your heart and mind.  It amazes me how often feelings that I might not have picked up on yet, often come through when I first find the images I'm drawn to and then put the words down.

When you look through your magazine, be sure to look at words as well as images.  You'll see that I added the words 'Change is constant' in my piece and since 'change' is definitely on my mind at the moment, those words grabbed my attention.

Look out too for how the images/words make you feel.  I certainly sensed some sadness and know this is something that I probably need to look at a little deeper.

September 2016 monthly dreams goals

I found an image of school children (see below) and it kind of felt right - you know, that idea of children moving on and nothing staying still (literally and figuratively).  In our case, our youngest child transitioning to the next stage of his life.

The words 'Be gentle with yourself' came to mind, so I wrote it down.  In this process, remember to stay curious and be 'open'.  There are no mistakes here.

September 2016 monthly dreams goals

Mmm, yes - Guy always loves to 'help me' when I'm finding images etc.

September 2016 monthly dreams goals

For my September 2016 spread, I included the following bible verse:

You clear the way for me and now I won't stumble.

- Psalm 18:36

You may want to find a verse that resonates with you or it might be a particular word, favourite quote or words from a song perhaps?  Just remember to try not to sensor yourself.

September 2016 monthly dreams goals

As usual, I've printed off my piece and attached it to the fridge so that I can glance at it whenever I wish - I'd highly recommend you do the same.  However, if you don't wish to openly display your sheet, perhaps print it off and pop it into your journal.

Much love...



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