Self Care for the Creative Solopreneur: Nourishing our bodies


This series focuses on self care for the creative as often we forget that in order to fill our 'creative well', we need to attend to ourselves.  I'll be sharing self care tips, lifestyle inspiration and practical insights for navigating life in order to keep us healthy, and balanced whilst we stay focused.

In February of this year, I created a post discussing my need to simplify life and specifically to carry out a major de-clutter and reorganisation of our home.  Well I can report that this is still ongoing and is well under way; I'll give an update shortly.

In my New Year review, I decided to confront diet and exercise after having procrastinated for some time.  Really, I've known in my heart that in order to feel at my best ie. focused, energised, creatively nourished and working at my optimum, that some changes needed to take place.

For the last couple of years I had followed the 5:2 Fasting Diet by Dr Michael Mosley approach but after having reached a plateau, I knew that I was only half solving the problem of ultimately being still overweight and unfit.  That all changed when I had a discussion with my good friend Lisa who recommended two books  and I'd like to share them with you:- The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie and Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward - it was all the impetus I needed folks and I just love these books!

self care

Since then I've joined a gym which I'm thoroughly enjoying, I've removed added sugar and where possible, dramatically decreased my consumption of white, refined carbohydrates and I've stopped drinking wine/alcohol (surprisingly the wine has been so much easier to drop than I could ever have imagined).

self care

I'm noticing differences already and I'm really curious as to how things will evolve.  Interestingly, I had been experiencing hot flushes, often a dozen a day and those have now stopped!!!

Self Care for You

If you're feeling the need to attend to some self care, please read below for some tips and suggestions.

* Be 'curious' and just notice where you feel you need some self-care and nurturing.  It could be spending more time in nature, arranging a regular creative date to a gallery or getting more sleep.  Try writing in a journal and exploring some of this further.

* It's obvious but remember that if you don't look after yourself, no one else will do it for you...

* Remember, by taking care of yourself, you'll inevitably be more productive, focused, in tune with new ideas/projects, happier and balanced.  It's not self indulgent - it's actually sensible and necessary if you are to maintain life as a busy small business owner.

* You will (most likely) feel guilty about focusing on you but by not taking care of you, you are actually self sabotaging your health and business success.

* Imagine you are giving advice to a friend that you care about and write yourself a letter from the heart detailing what you need - such a great process and often profound.

* Consider trying some 1:1 Guidance Sessions with myself on this topic and other relating topics.

self care

Above is a green smoothie I made the other day with Benjamin and it was gorgeous.

self care

I'm conscious of not trying to change everything all at once which is my tendency but rather take my time and just be mindful of how my body feels.  If I feel overwhelmed with the changes I wish to implement, I remind myself that it just needs to be gradual, it isn't a race...

Have a lovely weekend friends and lastly, I just wanted to share some tulips that Mum bought me last Saturday - so, so pretty and still blooming away!

self care

Take care.

Jane xo


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