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Crocus - yes! Spring is getting ever closer friends!

jane instagram weekly roundup - buttercup & crocus

I love Instagram and post there frequently – truth be told, it’s my favourite online place to connect.  Meanwhile, here on my blog, I’ll be regularly sharing a roundup version of my various activities from the previous week.  Lastly, it would be lovely to connect with you over on Instagram – so please come by and say ‘Hi’.

Sunday, 14th February - Family Walk

sunset swinsty reservoir family walk

I love to go on a family walk - taking in beautiful scenery and enjoying being in nature amidst God's creation.  The boys and Mia run on ahead and it gives my hubby and I some time to chat and hold hands - we don't get to do that so often.

This particular walk was at a nearby reservoir called Swinsty and it's one of our favourites, particularly in Autumn.  It's about a 20 minute drive for us and is located north of Otley and west of Harrogate in Yorkshire, England.   Construction started in 1871 and completed in 1878.

Below are some photos of the four of us (feeling a little chilly lol), plus one little dog - Mia.

family walk at Swinsty reservoir

Wednesday, 17th February - New Watercolour Painting!

Close up cow painting - I loved painting this piece!  A new signed watercolour painting entitled Buttercup and Buttercups.  

Hasn't she got the cutest expression on her face?

new painting - Buttercup and Buttercups

There's just something about cows that I love and when I learned on tv some time ago, that individual cows have different 'roles'  within a herd, I was fascinated.  For instance, it's been observed that there is usually a 'peacemaker', introverts/extroverts, the 'gossip', loner etc.

Below is a video I've shared showing cows being released from their time over winter in a barn, to feeling the grass beneath them and the sky above in the Spring - don't they look adorable?

Thursday, 18th February - Lunch at Betty's

Betty's plaice goujons with homemade tartare sauce

I always love to visit Betty's and enjoy lunch with the boys and my parents.  This time was no different.

Above you'll see a photo for Plaice Goujons with Homemade Tartare Sauce - I thought it looked yummy and might be something we could enjoy as a family - I just might get the boys involved in making this dish.

Bit by bit, I'm encouraging them to become more independent and think about the food that they want to eat and actually preparing/cooking their meals are a great way to learn I think.  In fact, I would like to book both of them on a kids Betty's cookery course sometime.

Thursday, 18th February - Spring crocus

Spring crocus - what a sight to behold!  I'm always interested in the folklore and history of flowers etc and in this instance, of course the beautiful and very expensive spice, saffron.  Saffron comes from the dried stigmas of the flower and originates probably from Minoan culture - I found some additional info here.

Aside the history though, crocus just makes me plain happy and grateful that milder weather isn't too far away and that changes are afoot everywhere.

Spring crocus

Just after the crocus 'encounter', I noticed the church below and being bathed in such warm light, made it just shine out - I couldn't help snap a quick photo.

Church bathed in Spring light

Saturday, 20th February - Mia looking cute

Lastly, here is Mia.  She'd just been on a walk and was feeling a little shattered and worn out - I thought she looked so content and satisfied with life.

Mia content

How about you - what are your highlights?

Take care.




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